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Best 4 stroke Chainsaw Review and Guide

The Makita 4- Mix engine power a range of petrol tools, including brush cutters, hedge trimmers, backpack blowers, kombi engines, and pole pruners. The technology was developed to give torque and power at lower Revolutions per minute (RPM). With the bonus of being extremely efficient due to the low scavenging loss. Moreover, it combines all the features of two different engine principles. Two and 4 stroke chainsaw both adopt the mutually describe suck, bang, and blow principle, squeeze or if you are technically minded compression, induction, exhaust, and ignition. Its amount of movement of the piston before combustion determines its four-stroke or two-stroke.

Additionally, the four-stroke engine’s benefit is that it produces more power and torque at a lower rev range, land itself nicely to tools such as brush cutters and backpack blowers. It’s also the best cleaner and efficient system as the valves control the fuel and exit exhaust.

Moreover, the popular choice for petrol handheld tools is the two-stroke engine. The two-stroke principle allows the inner mechanical parts to well-lubricated without the requirement of separate oil sumps. So, you can use all the angels without the worry of potential engine seizures.

This engine tends to feature heavily on the saw where the high revs must balance speed and power. To ensure plenty of torque and power without the added weight of a separate oil sump. Hence, the Stihl four mix technology work using the four-stroke rotation principle while lubricating all internal parts via a two-stroke fuel mix.

The other feature of the four-stroke chainsaw is that fuel efficiency, the fact that it features an inbuilt decompressor making it easy to start the values are easy to get and adjust when required. The value adjustment must be done if you notice a drop in engine power or if compression increases when trying to pull over the tool.

If you are not sure, it is work asking your Stihl dealer to check the value settings. However, it’s also essential to consider when your machine goes in for service. If left without the correct adjustment, it leads to expensive, long-term damage, easily avoided.

Our experts highly recommend using Stihl Hp ultra-fully synthetic or Hp Super semi-synthetic two-stroke oil. Due to these oils’ low ash content, less carbon builds up around piston and valve seats. Ash build-up can easily cause running problems over time, so the oil you use is incredibly essential.

4 stroke Chainsaw

Specifications of 4 stroke Chainsaw

Item Dimensions 10.63 x 22.24 x 10.59 inches
Brand Makita
Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries 4

Advantages of 4 stroke Chainsaw Engine

A four-stroke engine has lower fuel consumption. It means it is much cheaper to maintain, and you can get more out of the full tank and generally run for longer, kind of like the reliable ford ka to mg rover. Moreover, the four-stroke engine is much quiet as compared to 2 stroke engine.

It can be useful in annoying your neighbors if you’re forced, due to commitments, to work in the garden late at night and in the morning. Unless annoying your neighbors is all part of the fun, I guess you can skip these benefits.

A 4 stroke engine may be less potent than a two-stroke engine, but it does have a lot more torque at a lower speed. This makes the four-stroke engine easier to use and provides an edge over the 2 stroke engine to complete smaller tasks faster and easier. So, a four-stroke chainsaw engine is quieter, runs for longer, and makes quick work out of small jobs.

  • Quieter
  • Slower revving
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Clean, flexible power
  • Fewer emissions
  • More torque at a lower speed

Disadvantages of 4 stroke Chainsaw Engine

A 4 stroke chainsaw engine is much heavier due to some extra parts and their general sizes. Now may you look at it and think, “yeah, I can carry that,” but you’ve to remember you will likely be maintaining your garden when it’s hot and not going to be a 5-minute task. It’s going to be hot, tiring, and sweaty. Could you not say I didn’t warn you?

A four-stroke engine will be less potent than a two-stroke engine depends on the engine size, of course. If you have a 26cc stroke engine, it will be powerful than 26cc 4 stroke engine. With its sizeable four-stroke engine can seem can bulky and clunky and a bit different from using. There’s no need to mention you will find this to be more difficult to use in tight spaces or in such areas where your ease of use is limited.

  • Dirty
  • Higher emissions
  • Not fuel-efficient
  • Narrow power band


According to our expert’s opinion, the best four-stroke chainsaw is the four Makita stroke. It is equipped with a 10-inch long chain and bar, and it features an extendable pole that gives a reach of up to 157 inches for overhanging tree branches. It can also be used to cut from various angles for smooth cutting.

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