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Best Left-handed Chainsaw in 2022

Nowadays, the chainsaw market is continuously developing a lot, and no manufacturer makes left-handed chainsaws. The chainsaw choices available are predominantly intended for right-handed users. On the other side, few left-handed users claim the available chainsaws are suitable for use, even for left-handed people.

So, chainsaws are designed so that users have easily held the throttle with their right hand and the left hand; most of the control of these chainsaws is done by the left hand. Additionally, the gas chainsaw has the pulling string generally located on the left side, which works well for left-handed people.

How to properly use a Left-handed chainsaw?

Correctly using the left-handed chainsaw is not so hard, infect you can easily control the saw. To be sure, you’re using the chainsaw right to protect yourself from any harmful situation. You must follow these few steps. Try to make sure that you stand on the chainsaw’s left side and not try to be leaning over it to look at the chain directly.

If possible, avoid operating a chainsaw from a ladder and never hold it over your shoulders while operating. Your right hand must be on the throttle, and your left hand must hold the guide bar when you operate the chainsaw.

Benefits of Chainsaws Good for Left-Handers

This review guide chooses one best left-handed chainsaw that could be easily operated even for left-handed people. Lightweight and portable chainsaw are easy to handle and use even if you’re a left-handed person. Additionally, the one who is only a beginner in operating and using chainsaws.

Moreover, the handle’s position will help you deal with a chainsaw if you’re left-handed. Moreover, a top handle saw is easy to control by holding it with your left hand after you’ve started it. Chainsaws come in various sizes, so choose one product that easily suits you and provides you the experience of easy cutting. The pole chainsaws might be best for use with left-handed persons since they look like a stick used with either left or right hand to cut and slice wood.

Best Left Handed Chainsaw Review

Best Left Handed Chainsaw
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Item Dimensions: 16.4 x 9 x 11.4 in
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Horsepower: 2 hp
  • Item Weight: 5.67 Pounds
  • Chain Size: 16″, 3/8″ Mini, .050″, 66 drive link chain

The Husqvarna 135 is one of the best left-handed chainsaws of 2021 because it’s a balanced chainsaw with a lot of power and few vibrations. This unit is suitable for homeowners with both large and small trees to maintain. The bar is quite long, but the chainsaw can chew through the various things without struggling despite this. This chainsaw is sharp, and the unit is well built.

The con of this unit is that it’s reluctant to start. Various competitors include friendly innovations to reduce the resistance, which means that they are easy to start despite being the best and most powerful machines. Moreover, the chainsaw needs a lot of force from you’re your arms to get it going.

There’s no right way to position your body while you start the unit. It would help to provide resistance if you put a knee against the housing, but another from the spark plugs in the way.

What work is putting one foot in the pulling and grip? But we think the complete starting procedure is a bit old-fashioned and fiddly. However, from another point of view, it’s relatively easy to get going. It only needs 1-3 pulls before it starts up from cold. If you can find a good technique and you’re strong enough, this isn’t an issue.

Easy to adjust and Clean

Once you have got a Husqvarna 130 going, a user friendly. You are never negatively affected by any vibrations while you’re using the saw for such a workhorse. The saw is well-balanced, so it’s not taxing when in use despite having a heavy model weight. The chainsaw grip is rubberized, but that isn’t an issue because it sits nicely in your hands.

The chain catcher has exact positions and reacts great. The chainsaw is so easy to maintain. Moreover, the tool makes it simple to open and access the petrol cap, housing, oil, and chain tensioner. We aren’t convinced by the rigid plastic snap fasteners on housing and would have preferred to see a substantial solution, reducing the build quality a bit. But generally, the chainsaw feels like a well-built power tool.

Additionally, all of the sightlines and markings are indicated. This is relatively easy and fast to use a chainsaw with the bar length and performance that makes it best for homeowners with moderate woodland. This is one of the best choices among the lighter petrol chainsaws whether you need cutting trees or other small maintenance tasks.

Craftsman Chain Saw


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduces emissions
  • 38cc 16-inch gas chainsaw with chain and guide bar
  • For safety two-cycle engine with an inertia activated chain brake
  • 130 chain saw is a lightweight and efficient tool for use around the yard


  • There’s little space to utilize once foot to ensure the product when starting


If you are a left-handed person and want to buy a product that quickly cuts the trees and is convenient to handle. So, we highly recommend you choose the Husqvarna 16 inch 130 gas-powered chainsaws. It’s a lightweight product, so you can easily hold it to perform your daily job.

FAQs about Best Left-handed Chainsaw

What are some features of Best Left-handed Chainsaw?

The top features of the best left-handed chainsaw are that it is powerful, sturdy, and affordable. It is also important to consider the weight of the chainsaw as well as the size so that you can ensure that it is comfortable to use. Additionally, you should ensure that the chainsaw has a chain brake system to help keep yourself safe while using the tool.

How should you use Best Left-handed Chainsaw?

You should ensure that you read all of the instructions before operating the best left-handed chainsaw. Additionally, it is important to note that all other tools must be turned off before plugging in your chainsaw and starting it up. Also, it is important to purchase and wear protective equipment such as eye and ear protection and a helmet.

What should you look for when purchasing Best Left-handed Chainsaw?

The most important feature of your chainsaw is power. You want your chainsaw to be powerful enough so that you can accomplish the tasks with which you need help. Additionally, you should consider the weight and size of the chainsaw as well to ensure that it is comfortable for you to use. Finally, you should also make sure that the chainsaw has a chain brake system in place for your safety.

Who might use Best Left-handed Chainsaw?

Left-handed chainsaws are ideal for left-handed users, but they may also be used by right-handed users. It is important to consider the weight and size of the chainsaw as well as the power to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

How do I know if a chainsaw is left-handed?

Chainsaws are designed to work with either hand, so there is no real way to tell just by looking at them which is the left-handed model. However, most chainsaws will have the manufacturer’s name or logo printed on one side of the saw, so you can flip it over to see if one side is darker than the other. The duller/darker side would be the chain brake, which should always face away from you when you are operating the chainsaw.

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