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How to cut 2×4 with Circular Saw

Do you want to build something this weekend? Are you in the middle of a project that requires cutting some 2×4’s? You know they are cheap, but how can you cut all those pieces quickly without spending too much on equipment? Here we will discuss how to cut 2×4 with circular saw.

Best tool to cut 2 by 4 Pieces

There are many tools available like Table saw and Circular saw. The most efficient way to cut 2×4’s is with any circular saw. I recommend getting either a cordless or corded circular saw depending on your needs.

The choice between the two types of power tools depends on how often you would like to use it and the size of projects you are cutting through. For instance, if this is something that will be used in construction jobs where equipment needs to be moved frequently. There is a good chance you need a cordless version. But if this is going to be used infrequently and for smaller projects then the system to recharge the battery will likely not be worth it.

On the other hand, corded models are often times cheaper because they do not have as many features as those that run on batteries. But you can use it as much as you want, as long as you have an outlet nearby.

The saw is not just a tool but also a safety device. That should be respected and used properly at all times even when cutting through small pieces of material, such as a 2×4. Follow the instructions on the model you choose to ensure your safety while using it.

Cutting with Circular Saw

How to cut 2×4 with circular saw Procedure step by step:

1. Mark the cut line on your 2×4.

2. Set up your circular saw on a stable surface. Make sure to wear proper safety gear before you start cutting through anything, such as work gloves, goggles, ear plugs. These materials will not only protect you from injury but also from flying particles created by the sawing process that can damage parts of your body.

3. Make sure to hold the saw tight against the board while making a smooth cut. The circular saw should be facing down, so that the depth guide cuts through the 2×4 completely and cuts it into two pieces or more depending on how many boards you are cutting at once.

4. Remember that the saw has a base that needs to be parallel with the board you are cutting, so adjust it if necessary.

5. After completing one pass through your material, adjust your circular saw’s depth guide until it is just below the piece of wood again and cut once more. Continue doing this until you have completely cut through all four sides of the 2×4.

6. Notice that the cut is angled because the saw’s circular base is angled to make diagonal cuts. The last step is obvious, just separate the pieces by hand or with a hammer and they should be ready for your project.

How to cut 2×4 with circular saw Note: Remember to take bulkier pieces of wood with you to the store when buying 2×4’s. Not only will this speed up your buying process, but it can save you time. Because at home there are usually small unusable pieces leftover that have to be discarded.

2×4 is a common size used in construction and projects like these often require a lot of wood, so you should know how to cut 2×4 with a circular saw.

Extra Tips how to cut 2×4 with circular saw

Making sure that your circular saw is set up properly on a stable surface. It is important because it will not only protect you from injury but also the material you are working with. If this cannot be done then perhaps bringing it to a professional would be best for your project.

• If this is your first time using a circular saw, it can be helpful to have someone show you how. Because knowing the proper way to hold it and pull the trigger will improve your safety.

• Always wear work gloves, goggles, ear plugs or any materials that are designed for protection when operating tools like these. It protects your hands and eyes from flying particles and hearing loss.

• Cutting through a piece of material like 2×4 takes time and effort, so make sure you are properly rested and hydrated before starting the process.

2×4 is a common size used in construction projects, which makes it important to know how to cut 2×4 with a circular saw. Because it will help you complete your project faster and with better results.


Circular saw was made for this kind of cutting so it is the easiest way to cut a 2×4 or other boards. Make sure you place your wood on a flat surface and wear goggles/ear plugs before doing anything else. The optimal depth of cut is just below the board, but slightly above is ok as well.

Remember that circular saws are dangerous and you should be extremely cautious when using one.

Also, the result of 2×4 cutting with circular saw is dependent on angle that circular base has. If it’s oblique cut – it will be an angled cut and if it’s perpendicular cut – then we’ll get a straight line.


What thickness can be cut with circular saw?

Answer: Circular saw can cut from 1/8” to 2” thick material.

Can a circular saw cut through metal?

Answer: No, it only cuts wood and some plastics. If you use Circular saw with metal blade attached to cut through metal, the blade will just burn up and not cut at all. It has too much friction between teeth of blades and metal. If you need to cut through metal, get a Metal-cutting reciprocating saw or other machine that cuts metal.

How to cut 2×4 with circular saw without marking?

Answer: Mark your cut line first if you are not familiar with cutting action of the tool. Then use push stick/push block/sled to guide the wood past the blade.

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