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How to sharpen a chainsaw with a dremel

Chainsaw sharpeners are not an essential part of chainsaw maintenance, but they can extend the life of your saw. If your saw is dull you need to sharpen it with dremel, otherwise each time you cut through a piece of wood it will put more pressure on the blade and cause it to wear out more quickly. That being said, sharpening a chainsaw with a dremel is an easy task that even a novice can accomplish.

Sharpening chainsaw in right way can increase its life and you can get benefit from it for long time. Here we are going to discuss in detail that how to sharpen a chainsaw with a dremel.

How to sharpen a chainsaw with a dremel

Here are the few steps on sharpening a chainsaw with dremel in right way, you should follow them and also take care of safety to avoid any kind of damage.

Step 1 – Placing the Chain

Choose a suitable, flat surface to place the chain saw blade. The top of the bar is ideal for this task.

Step 2 – Insert into the Grinder Attachment

While using a dremel to sharpen your chainsaw, try inserting the attachment. Place it up against the blade and turn on the power to test if there is any resistance. If there is not, continue to step 3; if so, adjust accordingly until it fits snugly into place.

Step 3 – Start Grinding

Once the attachment is in the correct position, begin grinding. While sharpening, use slow strokes by follow the pattern of each tooth on blade of chainsaw. Try to keep your hand steady on chainsaw, make sure you are not pressing too hard. Take care while using a dremel to avoid it from damage

Step 4 – Glide the Detachment along the Bar

Turn off your dremel and very gently glide the attachment along the length of the bar, keeping it angled slightly downwards. Make sure you are moving dremel in one direction to avoid asymmetrical wear.

Step 5 – Turn on Dremel and Repeat

Now, turn your dremel back on and repeat the process, grinding with slow strokes. Continue this pattern until you have ground along the entire length of the bar. You may want to go over each tooth several times until it is well-sharpened. If you stop the grinding chain during any point, do not turn your dremel back on straight away otherwise you could damage the teeth. Instead, run a finger along the bar to feel if it is sharp or dull and adjust accordingly. In most cases this method will have produced a perfectly sharp blade with no need for further honing.

Step 6 – Test the Blade under Physical Pressure

The easiest way to test whether your chain is sharp enough is by using your hands to cut through a piece of paper. If you are yet to use your chainsaw, try cutting some wood instead. Both materials will give you an indication of how effective the blade has been made.

Step 7 – Dispose of the Grinder Attachment

Now that you have removed the attachment from your dremel, dispose of it properly.

Safety Guidelines of sharpening chainsaw with dremel:

Important: It is essential that you adhere to the following safety guidelines when sharpening a chainsaw with a dremel:

1. Use ear and eye protection at all times while sharpening chainsaw with dremel, as you will be subjected to noise and dust particles.

2. Ensure you are standing on a secure, steady surface or have your other hand on the bar of the chainsaw to maintain your balance at all times. This will prevent accidents and reduce fatigue.

3. Avoid dropping the attachment into the blade as this could damage it beyond repair, leaving sharp edges that can cause injury when you try to remove it. After removing the attachment from your dremel, wrap it up in a cloth and place it in a bag.

4. Keep away from children at all times to avoid accidents where you could be injured. Make sure your dremel is turned off after use.

5. It is safer to use the chainsaw sharpening attachment on a dremel rather than vice versa. If you do not have one, it can be purchased from your local hardware store for a small price, sometimes free of charge if you purchase other tools or petrol at the same time.

6. Do not overheat the chainsaw blade by grinding it for too long. If you feel any resistance, switch off your dremel immediately and allow the chain to cool before attempting again.

7. If you have never used a dremel before, read through the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with all the parts and accessories that come with it to avoid any accidents.


1. Question: How do you sharpen a chainsaw with a dremel?

Answer: The best way of sharpening your chainsaw is by using an attachment on your dremel that will grind the blade back into its original shape. It is then possible to hone it further if necessary.

2. Question: Can you use a dremel for sharpening a chainsaw?

Answer: You can sharpen a chainsaw blade with a dremel, you should be expert in the use of dremel for better sharpening result.

3. Question: How do you grind a chainsaw without ruining it?

Answer: You need to purchase an attachment for your dremel that will allow the blade to be ground down by hand.  But most chainsaws have been made from high quality steel that can withstand being sharpened just with a chainsaw sharpener.

4. Question: What should you do if chainsaw is not sharpening with dremel?

Answer: You may need to visit the shop where you purchased the saw and ask for their advice on how to sharpen it with a dremel. They may be able to give you tools that can do the job, or advice on how to use your own tools effectively.

5. Question: Is it safe to sharpen a chainsaw with a dremel?

Answer: Use of dremel for chainsaw sharpening is safe if you use it in right way. If you are not, then it’s recommended to hire an expert of dremel for this task.


By completing the steps mentioned above, you should be able to sharpen your chainsaw blade with a dremel and improve its effectiveness without causing any permanent damage. Be careful about your chainsaw teeth and dremel while sharpening the chainsaw.


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