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John Deere Chainsaws [Review & Guide]

The John Deere chainsaws are probably the best chainsaws that have graced lumber yards, forests, farms and homes. The greatness is seen in the fact that some units are still helping many harvest firewood and cut down trees more than half a century after the production.

History of Chainsaws

The history of man can never be separated from the forest. The forest has offered its trees to man to build a shelter, fuel for warmth and cooking, and wood to make various implements and tools. As a man developed and his need for useful tools grew, the saw was invented at that time. Egypt was the hub of civilization.

Surprisingly, the chainsaw wasn’t born as the tree-felling tool you know it as today. The earliest records of instrument that resembles a present-day chainsaw are that of the osteotome, and a small surgical instrument used to cut bone.

It featured a chain with small cutting teeth whose edges were set at an angle. The chain was moved around the guiding bar by turning the handle of the wheel. Two Swedish doctors developed the prototype for the modern chainsaw.

Although veteran chainsaw makers like Stihl were making serious waves, other smaller equipment suppliers were making good headway.

Who Makes the John Deere Chainsaws

John Deere is one of the most successful equipment manufacturing and distribution companies for over 180 years. The inventor founded the company, a blacksmith from Vermont, who set up a Grand Detour shop in 1837. Moreover, the business was making and repairing small tools. But all the changes when invented two main things.

First was the self-scouring steel plow. It was the farming implement that changed the face of agriculture by helping farmers produce. Moreover, John Deere is pioneered inventory I trade. Blacksmiths and other tool makers worked on-demand production units, meaning they mode something when a customer ordered it.

This unit was too slow for john, and he started making his plows and displaying them for customers to see.
However, John Deere had their chainsaw made by the other manufacturer. They make sure they got their supply from companies that shared the same innovation and quality. Few companies that made chainsaws include Remington, Pioneer, Efco, Echo, and Homelite.

Moreover, one important thing to notice when you hunt for a john Deere chainsaw is that they don’t come in the same colors. You will get decked in green, orange, and in yellow. This unique color-coding was used to determine the difference between the John Deere chainsaw made by one company from another.

The John Deere CS56 Chainsaw Review


John Deere CS56 Chainsaw
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Item Dimensions: 26.4 x 8.1 x 11 in
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Model number: 20262

The John Deere CS56 is one of the best chainsaws you must pass up when running the unit. It’s also another excellent pro-grade chainsaw designed for many tasks a chainsaw must do around the farm or home. It does what it was built do well.

The unit comes with the 55.66cc engine with the 18-inch guide bar but easily handle anything from 16 to 20 inches. Moreover, The engine features a 2-ring piston setup that makes for higher compression and power, increasing the saw’s effectiveness and efficiency saw.

Moreover, the fuel capacity is 23.7 oz, which is not much, but it will help you get a lot before it needs refuelling due to fuel’s frugal use. It won’t break your back as it only weighs 12.6 lbs. when we talk about safety, the John Deere is fitted with the effective inertia chain brake and feature low kickback chain, makes it safe as they come.

That being said, safety gear has given priority before you go out and start running a chainsaw. Hence, another feature of the unit is an adjustable the oil. It allows the chainsaw to use minimum oil in certain situations, which makes it environment-friendly.


  • Wafered connecting rod
  • Three shoes to help clutch slippage
  • Three-piece forged crankshaft
  • Heavy-duty caged rod to extend engine life


Whenever you’re a farmer who likes the matching tools and equipment or just looking for the best chainsaw, you won’t go wrong with the John Deere Chainsaw. All the John Deere Chainsaw that they’re running close to 50 years later is a testament to the quality of the machine they’re. So, don’t hesitate to take the John Deere Chainsaw to your home with you.

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