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Miter Saw VS Circular Saw: Which one is Best?

If you want to expand your inventory or are a professional woodworker, one of the difficult choices you will face is choosing which tool is best for you. Most people face this case when selecting between the miter saw vs circular saw.

It’s not difficult to find various advertisements that place the importance of having both Miter and chain saw in inventory, but which one is excellent according to your requirements? No need to worry about answering your questions. We will review both miters and circular saw.

Finally, here’s the need to know that exactly is perfect for your needs; you will need to ask the question. What’s the difference between a Miter Saw VS Circular Saw?

The miter saw is especially for perfect cuts at specific angles. And the circular saw is more powerful and versatile. We will go into more detail in this article. If you never have much time on your hands to read this at the moment, here’s a quick review of both products of main points discussed so that you can come back to the right suited time.

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What is the Difference Between Miter Sawvs Circular Saw?

It seems that both units serve the same functions. That we often seem as though they are similar to the power tools. However, it’s not 100% correct, and while they can perform a similar task. Both are a bit different from each other and better suited for their specific jobs. As you will see within this guide.

What is a Miter Saw?

The Miter saw was designed in 1970 with an excellent feature blade. Which is used to cut the above stock you are working on. The Miter saws specialize in making perfect cuts, such as Miter, crosscuts, and bevel. This saw offers an accurate cut that the traditional circular saw doesn’t. However, it comes at the compromise of great power.

Moreover, a miter saw is a specialized type of saw. And you will come to find that the features found on one are reflective of this. You will find a blade motor, miter scale, and additional features. That easily enhance the visibility and cutting performance within a miter saw.


The blades on the Miter saw range from 10 to 12, pending the size of the miter saw. The blades can come in various forms; they are generally made from tungsten carbide pending the application. The blades are manufactured to range from 32 to 100 teeth.

Moreover, the motor of the saw channels power throughout the saw provides the blade the ability to make its accurate cuts. The cordless classes motors can range anywhere between 12 to 15-amps, with a maximum speed of 5000 RPM. However, the cordless class features a battery to power the motor and features a similar amperage and RPM speed.

The miter scale allows you to make angled cuts known for and integral for the saw. Miter scales contain the stop, which are standard angles used to assist in cutting. Few examples of stops include 45 and 90, with the other stops available, pending the saw quality.

Best Miter saw

The DeWalt DWS780 is a corded miter saw and regarded by various professionals and hobbyists as the best market product.

This saw features an XPS crosscut system, which gives a clear line of sight while making cuts, LED lights onto both sides of the saws blade.

Dewalt Miter Saw

What is a Circular Saw?

It can be said that the circular saw is a staple in the contractor or DIYer’s arsenal due to its excellent cutting capability and versatility it can give when ripping through materials. The circular saw conducts the blade to the various material and the blade allowed more flexibility as you are cutting. The circular saw can be used for various projects, as you will real later on.

Miter saws, the circular saw, can be found in both cordless and corded circular saw varities. Thanks to their sheer power, the circular saw can cut through the various materials, not just limited to the wood, such as tiles and stone, piping, and metals, to name some examples.


The circular saw comes with the various features essential to its performance. It contains similar features such as motor and blade and adjustable shoes and depth adjustments to the press against materials for smoother cuts.

The circular saws blade is mighty and used to rip through the heaviest and most challenging materials and often made of carbide and tipped with tungsten or diamond, depending on their application. The blades can find ranging from 18 to 80 teeth.

Moreover, the motor found on the circular saw is the heart of the power tool. The amperage of the circular saw motor sits around 15 marks, which allows it to reach a speed of 5300 RPMs. This means you’ll be cutting the ease when partnered with the right blade.

Various new circular saws include table bases, allow you to set angles and make the bevel cuts, and the array of depth adjustments. If you are a professional, find that a circular saw could eliminate the requirement for a miter saw essentially if you know what you are doing and how your saw works. The circular saw a smaller table saw and match table saw in the power department, and whist offers a broader range of functions to help you complete tasks.

Best Circular Saw

The DeWalt DWE5752B comes with a high-quality motor that allows the saw to reach an RPM of 5200, which can cut through the pieces of stocks with its carbide-tipped blade up to the depth of 2.55 at 90 and 1.9 at 45.

It features that provide the best safety for the user. An electric brake that immediately stops the blade once the trigger is released, ergonomic handles, and comfort allow you the DWE575SB to be used for a more extended period.

Circular Saw

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a circular saw be used instead of miter saw?

You can trim out a picture frame with a circular saw, but it's tough. The blade guard sticks, and you might end up accidentally cutting the back of your project as you make your way around the inside of the frame. To avoid these mishaps, remove the guard and set it aside right away. Also move slowly and use a push stick to help keep your workpiece tight against the fence.

Is miter saw a best tool for beginner?

The miter saw is an ideal tool for beginners to learn because not only can it be quickly learned and mastered, but it's also a valuable addition to one's collection of tools. It offers a variety of uses for both carpentry work or even as one of the key components in a woodworking shop. More expensive models can offer accuracy up to 0.032-inch or 0.8 mm, and many people like having this level of precision when doing any sort of carpenter job.

Can you cut baseboards with circular saw?

You can use a circular saw to cut through baseboard molding. Saw marks will be visible on the back of the board, however, so it is not an effective way to completely conceal the majority of cuts.


We’ve it an in-depth look into both Miter Saw VS Circular Saw. So now you will clear about the best for you according to your needs.

Circular saw it is a staple in the inventory of person that considers themselves a professional and cut through anything with the appropriate blade. If you want to cut baseboard corners, the circular’s power will get this done for you.

Moreover, the miter saw is suitable for specialized angled cuts, slope, and crosscut. Outside of this use, the Miter saw struggles to impress and expensive than a circular saw. Of course, this will fall into your performance, and you will know which of the circular or miter saw is best for you.

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