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Skill Saw VS Circular Saw: Are they the Same Tool?

If you’re unprotected from woodworking or any other type of construction and carpentry long enough, you must be bound to hear the term skill saw. Hence, pinning down is what a skill saw can be tricky. It’s mainly because others may look at the same tool and refer to it as a circular saw. The term Skill Saw VS Circular Saw is often used interchangeably, and it may make confusion when you’re looking to buy or use either any tools.

Which one will you use? The answer has less to do with the woodworking and more to do with the etymology or the sturdiness of wood origins. Most people tend to confuse a manufacturer of a product with the product itself.

What is the Difference Between Skill saw vs Circular saw?

Depend on where and when you have heard them first, you must understand a tool called a skill saw or circular saw. In truth, they both are correct, and both are wrong.

A circular saw is a broader term for the category of tools. Which is applied to the singular iteration of design in contemporary usage. The term circular Saw can apply to host to products including the Mitre saw and other small table saws.

On the other hand, a skill saw is proprietary derived from the handheld circular saw developed by the skill. It’s where a brand name associated with the incredibly successful product comes to replace the categorical name for the product.

Band-Aid instead of Kleenex instead of the bandage are the two best examples of the products becoming so popular and making up a large percentage of their respective markets. Their brand name becomes shorthand for their categorical name.

However, both skill and circular saws can be seen in that geometric adage of rectangle and square. Because of how special it is categorically designed, every skill saw is a circular saw but not all the circular saws are skill saw.

Review of Skill Saw

The skill saw is the most famous and oldest circular saw kind, and it must explain why most people are fond of referring to their circular saw simple as the skill saw. These saws come into the picture in the 20th century when Edmond Michael Panted and Joseph Sullivan their first portable handheld circular saw.

It was a great drive kind of circular saw that became famous with all kinds of woodworkers, and most of its users refer to it as the skill saw provides the brand name written on the tool.

Additionally, despite various brands that make the circular saw, skill saw is still the most dominant market with various models. Most users prefer these saws for their easy-to-handle design, lightweight overall construction, and the fact is that they have been tried and tested for a century.

However, despite the availability of the several skill saws in the market, opting for it over the other regular circular saw brands means you’ll be limiting your brand and saw type options.

Skill Saw

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Review of Circular Saw

The circular saw is the oldest kind that was invented in the 18th century. The first unit was much bulkier and more extensive than the modern-day circular saws known for their portability and compactness. These saws were the special tools to go for when converting the larger timber logs into refined and usable lumber. These saws need an entire assembly line to use and are only good enough for the rip cuts. You can also cut your baseboard corners with a circular saw and it can also be used for many other woodworking projects.

Moreover, it was not just Joseph Sullivan and Edmond Michael, the founder, so skill saw convert into the smaller handheld circular saws that these saw kinds started to come in the portable and smaller sizes.

Many years ago, the sidewinder drive circular saw came into the market as technologies improved to allow the motor to be placed alongside the saw blade and drive direct mechanism to make a reliable saw. The design of the circular saw has continued to improve the model have smaller and more efficient. Moreover, there’re almost countless brand options to select from as all famous woodworking tools manufacturers now make circular saws and have seen the priced drop significantly.

However, unlike skill saw that has maintained high-quality standards, many new circular saws manufacturers make low-quality models that neither perform well nor last long enough.

Circular Saw

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Although it might look like two different tools, circular and skill saw describe the same tools. And the most critical difference is that one is a tool by the specific brand while the other is the tool’s actual name. When it comes to select a circular saw, it must be more about searching for a brand that easily suits your specifications. The skill, there’re various other best brands out there.

The term Sill saw is a misnomer at the point. It was initially used to describe a worm drive circular saw; it becomes a shorthand for almost all handheld circular saws. Although the skill saw Inc. fell out of your favor as the professional-grade power tool brand, the universal circular saw looks its mantle.

However, now the term skill saw is likely to be used by the older woodworkers and contractors. The term circular saw and skill saw are still technically interchangeable, especially considering the social application of these terms to both kinds of handheld circular saws.

In the end, if you want to purchase a circular saw brand with a long history and has been tested and tried, you must go for the skill. But if you prefer something affordable, there’re various other inexpensive circular saw brands out there.

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