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What is a hybrid table saw – Best Guide

The hybrid table saw a combo of the cabinet, and the contractor table saw Hybrid’s name. They’re stationary due to their weight and size, but those who prominent “contractor” benefits are smaller and even portable. However, Hybrid saw weight less than cabinet saws and more contractor table saws.

The best thing about the hybrid saw is that it offers the best cabinet saw feature but at a much cheaper price. Therefore, these saws farewell with the hobbyists as well.

These hybrid saws are equipped with a potent 1.4 to 2 horsepower motor that entirely runs on a standard 120-volt American socket. They’re more powerful saws with 3HP or higher, and they need 220 volt supply.

How to use a Hybrid Table Saw?

The use system of the top hybrid table saw comprises the circular blade. The blade is used to cut different materials such as wooden, plastic, and more. It has a fence that keeps the pieces in, prevents and check movement. Additionally, there is a high-power motor that triggers the movement of the blade.

There is a worktop that supports your materials. there’s a handle for movement and a stand for holding table. The best hybrid saw has a switch and brake to control how the saw operates.

Moreover, the hybrid saw is entirely opposed and enclosed to other saws, and the motor is located inside the machinery instead of back. Due to the fully enclosed design, these saws typically have a great dust collection system.

They are a combo of contractor and cabinet table saw, which doesn’t mean that they don’t have unique features. The drive mechanism can single v-belt, multiple v-belts, or serpentine belt. Few Hybrid saw have a sliding table option that gives quality cross-cuts.

The best hybrid saw is one of the great necessities of a workshop. Even beginners or amateurs can use these saws and see the significance of owning the machine. But how do you choose? How do you know which ones are the hybrid table saw? Making the right selection is not difficult. It’s true if you know what to look for. There are essential facts that you must know before buying the best hybrid saw.

Speed & Power

The main features to look out for are the saw’s speed and power. The saw should have Amp and RPM you need for your cutting tasks. If you need to cut more rigid or more challenging materials, then find a saw that’s powerful enough. Saws that have an excellent performance or the best cutting capacity will give a higher value.

Safety feature

The safety feature is essential. Such features will ensure that you are not in any danger while you use the saw. Some decent safety features of the best hybrid table saw includes a riving knife and a blade guard. These will help you to prevent any injuries while making the saw more effective too.


Various people select hybrid saws based on their portability and cutting ability. Of course, if the saw comes with both features, it would be easy to maneuver. If you need a saw with excellent maneuverability, select one which is somewhat mobile, has wheels or isn’t heavy. Make sure that the lightweight feature won’t compromise the machine’s efficiency.


The price is something that you should also look to understand that you can easily afford this product or not. Various people look at such machines as an investment and wise. Find a saw that will fit into wise to get an inferior product to save few bucks to find out that it will break down after a few times.

Instead, select one with a reasonable price but is of high-quality. If you have the resources, you also go for a high-end hybrid table saw with a hefty price. No matter which one you select, make that it’s right for you.

All saws are best, but we highly recommend you to use the Dewalt Compact 8-1/4 inch Table Saw. It has some most acceptable ratings and reviews you have seen, and it comes at a reasonable price. The Hybrid saw comes with a 15-amp motor that gives no-load cutting speed up to 5,800 RPM. The rip capacity on Dewalt DWE7485 stands at 24.5 inches. It is cutting 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets.

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