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Best Electric Chainsaws in 2024

If it’s difficult for you to believe that an electric chain saw can hold its own against the gas unit, consider this. in our recent rest by our experts, the top-ranking battery-powered saw made 152 cuts through a 10-inch oak beam on a single charge. And it’s just among the electric saws. Here, we will help you to find that how to find the best electric chainsaw that would quickly get your yard projects done clean and fast.

You will get everything from small chainsaws to powerful electric chainsaws that take down trees and slice up logs. Moreover, in addition to our electric chainsaw reviews, you will find that top features are required to look for in a high-quality chainsaw. However, keep reading to learn about the top picks for an electric chainsaw for various usage goals.


EGO Power+ CS1800

  • Features: For efficient and clean cuts, the saw offers 11,000 RPM and 56 Volt cordless chainsaw
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Top Rated


  • Features: 4.5 Amp motor for clamping jaws, 4-inch cut capacity and 4-inch bar length
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Sun Joe SWJ698E

  • Features: Powerful motor with 9Amp cut branches , Best for pruning limbs
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Makita XCU08PT

  • Features: Makita-built outer rotor brush less motor direct-drive system gives power equivalent to 30cc gas
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Greenworks 10.5 Amp

  • Features: 14-inch bar makes the clean-up job, auto-oiler gives adequate lubrication
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Earthwise 12-Amp Electric Chainsaw

  • Features: 12-Amp electric motor that delivers the best performance and power, 16 Oregon bar
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WORX WG304 Electric Chainsaw

  • Features: Built-in oil reservoir and automatic oil lubrication with the window level indicator
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Oregon Electric Cordless Chainsaw

  • Features: Lightweight saw for ease of use and comfort
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  • Features: 40V max battery holds a charger for up to 18 months so, and it’s always ready to start work
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1) EGO Power+ CS1800 Electric Cordless Chain Saw

Best Electric Chainsaw

The EGO Power+ chain saw is an eco-friendly product, and lawnmowers adopt green power sources for their development facilities. This saw screams power and innovation. You can easily tight the chain with the twist of a dial using the reimagined chain tensioning system, so there’s no need to take anything apart to get the chain saw correctly.

However, an aggressive 18-bar and chain for taking down branches, trees, and stums. There’s a great option of LED light that will help you cut the trees whenever you want, even at midnight. The LED light effortlessly illuminates cut when you’re cutting dusk or in an emergency, and there’s no access to lights.

However, the EGO POWER+ provides the best gas performance without the fuss, fumes, and noise. Hence, the EGO POWER+ is the best brand that delivers the best electric chain saw for cutting trees, stums, and branches. You can also sharpen the chainsaw with dremel.

Features of EGO Power+

  • For efficient and clean cuts, the saw offers 11,000 RPMs
  • Illuminates your work using the bright LED lights
  • You can easily tighten the chain with the twist of the dial with the help of an auto tensioning system

Specifications of EGO Power+

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  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • High-quality performance
  • 5-year chainsaw warranty
  • For storm clear-up, LED light


  • Chain constantly coming off

2) BLACK+DECKER Lopper Electric Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Lopper Electric Chainsaw

Firstly you may think that it’s some kind of heavy-duty wrench and not a chain saw. But I assure you that it’s one of the best electric chains saw you can purchase for smaller tree cutting jobs. Its alligator design takes the guesswork out of how to operate a chainsaw safely. You can easily cut through branches without any kickback fear.

Grip the wood between the pull the trigger, jaws, and squeeze the handles like a pair of scissors of a super simple cut. Moreover, with this saw, you can breeze through the task of delimbing trees and easily cleans the fallen debris.

However, an automatic oiler keeps the chain and bar well lubricated. You just need to do is add a few drops to the reservoir before every use. Here’s also a unique tool-free chain tensioning feature that automatically sets the correct tension after loosening two chain cover retention nuts.

Features of BLACK+DECKER

  • The 4.5 Amp motor for clamping jaws that cut and grab in one easy motion
  • The high-quality cutting bar and chain provide fast cutting of thick branches and logs that are big
  • 4-inch cut capacity and 4-inch bar length
  • The unit comes with the oil bottle, alligator, and wrench

Specifications of BLACK+DECKER

[table id=129 /]


  • Less noisy
  • Lightweight
  • Less expensive
  • Best for light cutting and pruning
  • Great safety feature
  • Cutting action allows you to cut closer to the ground


  • Frequent oiling required
  • Debris and twigs need cleaning regularly

3) Sun Joe Electric Chainsaw

Sun Joe Electric

Do you need a lightweight chain saw that extends high up into the branches and trees? If so, it might be the best electric corded chain saw for you. Not just is it cheap, but it takes the hassle out of trimming overhanging limbs and logs to 7.5inches thick.

You can extend your reach in the air with a few twists of a telescoping pole. That amount of about 14 to 15 feet of distance from the ground for a person of average height. The significant part is that it’s only 7 pounds heavy, so it’s relatively easy to manage overhead and for long periods because the electric saw is made for extended reach.

The automatic oiler is the perfect method for lubricating the chain and the bar. The tool-less chain tensioner is effortless, needs a simple turn of the screw. However, if you want the best electric chain saw that takes difficulty and danger out of trimming your overgrown trees, it’s quite a less expensive saw.

Features of Sun Joe

  • Powerful motor with 9Amp cut branches
  • Best for pruning limbs and trimming and branches
  • The automatic chain lubrication system
  • A simple built-in safety switch prevents additional starting

Specifications of Sun Joe

[table id=130 /]


  • Easy to handle
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to start
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight chain saw
  • Easily cut small stuff


  • No chain brakes
  • Tricky chain tensioning

4) Makita Lithium-Ion Electric Cordless Chain Saw

Makita Lithium-Ion Electric Cordless Chain Saw

The Makita Lithium-ion is a top handle, lightweight best gas powered chain saw with a brushless motor, and powerful performance as great safety features. The lock-off lever automatically stops the blade when you don’t need it, and a relatively short blade makes the nimble cutting of branches and trees up to around 14 inches in diameter.

The charger could be useful, and battery time is less than the Ego and Greenworks, even though the saw is less small and mighty and powerful. It is good battery-wise compared to the decker and black of the same size, though. However, it’s a great choice if you have a prioritize and budget exceptional build quality. You can get the same efficiency and power for a lot less with others.

Features of Makita

  • The Makita-built outer rotor brushless motor direct-drive system gives power equivalent to 30cc gas
  • For improved cutting performance and variable speed trigger and high chain speed
  • The torque boost mode powers through the hard or thick branches

Specifications of Makita

[table id=131 /]


  • Great cutting speed
  • Oil flow adjustment
  • Power to replace gas saw
  • For tougher cuts, torque boost
  • Great value against different brands


  • Heavy as compared to gas models

5) Greenworks Electric Chainsaw

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw

When it comes to purchasing the right tool for the correct application, one must check out the features and specifications of a particular model. This chain saw is designed for light tasks. Due to the lack of amperage compared to some other units,’ it can’t be used for anything more serious than the clean-up after the pruning, storm, and trimming.

However, this saw can perform exceptionally well when light applications are in question. It’s relatively less noisy than any other powered chainsaw and few corded ones as well. Moreover, when we talk about the saw’s design, it’s excellent and well thought out.

The saw’s safety features are on point, except for the chain brake’s lack whether you are an expert or a beginner user. A chain brake is a valuable addition. Overall, the Greenworks is the best product for home use.

Features of Greenworks

  • The motor of the saw start within few seconds for ease of use
  • The 14-inch bar makes the clean-up job
  • For quick adjustments, tool-less chain tensioning so you can get back to the task at hand
  • Handle gives user comfort while clearing debris
  • The auto-oiler gives adequate lubrication to ensure the best cutting performance without the hassle

Specifications of Greenworks

[table id=132 /]


  • Ergonomic design
  • Less expensive product
  • Easy to use and lightweight product
  • Powerful motor for home use light duty saw
  • The best performance and easy maintenance


  • The chain tends to come loose
  • It goes through a lot of chain oil

6) Earthwise 12-Amp Electric Chainsaw

Earthwise 12-Amp

This saw allows you to tackle challenging tasks with the electric-powered corded chainsaw—the model with the perfect size for trimming trees, clearing brush, stockpiling firewood. With the powerful 12 amp motor and a reliable 16 Oregon chain and bar, you can get a chainsaw that has the best possible control for your requirements.

Earthwise saws pride themselves on being a clean air choice, with a high-performance option and low maintenance. There’s no need to worry about it, as it comes fully assembled in the package and doesn’t need any other building.

However, the plastic bar and chain cover add to safety while trimming trees and clearing brush. There’s an extra safety button to add to keep you safe while you are using the tool. It’s not light at 9.9lb in weight but easy to handle when going, and easy tension adjustment requires no tools at all. There’s a secure wrap around the handle with the automatic oiling system with no fumes and leaks to contend with.

Features of Earthwise

  • The 12-Amp electric motor that delivers the best performance and power
  • For fast and clean cuts 16 Oregon bar and chainsaw includes a protective bar blade cover
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded grip and big loop assist handle
  • The unit comes with the three-year limited warranty

Specifications of Earthwise

[table id=133 /]


  • Less expensive
  • Reliable warranty
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Easy to operate and handle


  • Oiler issues
  • Fussy adjustment setting

7) WORX WG304 Electric Chainsaw


The correct review for the people who have the heavy-duty tree cutting tasks to tackle and need the longest electric chainsaw they can purchase. The corded chainsaw doesn’t come any longer than 18 inches. The electric motor in the saw can’t handle any more length.

Moreover, the electric chain saw is a powerhouse for the toughest jobs around the yard, such as slicing up fallen logs, cutting thick trees, and carving up piles of firewood.

This saw includes a patented auto tensioning chain system, manual chain brake, and automatic oiler. So you are getting the best chainsaw that maintains itself without any chance of user error. However, the significant part is that you can often find the model for the same price range. Or just a few more dollars. If you wish to invest in a lifelong chainsaw, that makes it well worth upgrade.

Features of Worx

  • Powerful cutting performance to the extended 18-inch bar
  • Patented auto-tension chain system prevents the tightening, stay at the right tension for various users
  • For additional safety low kickback bar and the built-in chain broke
  • Built-in oil reservoir and automatic oil lubrication with the window level indicator

Specifications of Worx

[table id=134 /]


  • Great cutting power
  • Easy to start
  • Quiet operation
  • Best quality electric motor
  • Competitively expensive
  • Tool-free chain tensioning in few seconds
  • Simple and easy to control and lightweight


  • It uses a lot of oil

8) Oregon Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Oregon Electric Cordless Chainsaw

The Oregon cordless chain saw is another best product that you will find on the market. If you buy this, you will get one of the best Oregon chainsaw bars and chains around. It’s the perfect product with the tool-free chain tensioner, and self sharpen ability in few seconds, and auto-oiling system with the single pull of a cord.

The guide bar on the chainsaw 18. This saw is combined with the power sharp chain. You will have a self-sharpening chainsaw that sharpens right on the chain in just a few seconds. This chainsaw offers easy and quick battery recharging, and it takes 2 hours for a full charge.

The three years limited warranty overload the protection. However, the saw’s weight is just 12 pounds more than the others on the list, but it’s ergonomically designed and still easy to maneuver.

Features of Oregon

  • The brushless motor provides power output and efficiency
  • Lightweight saw for ease of use and comfort
  • Not a noisy tool that offers silence between cuts
  • Power sharp chain minimizes the downtime by allowing you to sharpen the chain right on the saw within few seconds

Specifications of Oregon

[table id=135 /]


  • Best cutting power
  • Best oiler available right now
  • Nice sturdy weight and excellent balance
  • Self-sharpening feature sharp the saw at a single push of a button


  • The battery will last about 20 minutes on a single charge

9) BLACK+DECKER 40V Cordless Chainsaw


This saw a highly affordable, 40V battery-powered chainsaw with the automatic oiling system, best quality low kickback Oregon bar, chain and tool-free chain tensioning. The ergonomic, fully wraparound handle makes for comfortable and easy operation.

However, it’s a super lightweight saw at just 8 lbs. The 40v battery holds the charger for up to 18 months, making it the best choice if your saw is for emergencies. Moreover, there’s a convenient indicator light to show the charge remaining. Overall it’s the best electric chain saw, so you can choose it without having any issues.

Features of BLACK+DECKER

  • Best for cutting small trees and remove the limbs up to 12-in thick
  • The lightweight design of the saw offers less fatigue and maneuverability
  • 40V max battery holds a charger for up to 18 months so, and it’s always ready to start work
  • A Low-kickback bar and chain protects you from the frequency and kickback force and gives you fast and smooth cuts

Specifications of BLACK+DECKER

[table id=136 /]


  • Maintenance-free
  • Hot-swappable battery pack
  • The low price point makes it accessible
  • Best performance for cordless chain saw
  • Quiet operation due to the battery-powered electric motor
  • Easy blade adjustment with locking mechanism and large tension adjuster


  • No carry bag
  • It cannot be modified with a bar guide

Buying Guide of Best Electric Chainsaw

To include a chainsaw in your tool kit, you needn’t be a lumberjack. But do you want to buy the best electric chain saw for your needs? So, it means an understanding of your options is essential. Here’re few essential things that you must consider before buying the electric chain saw. For proper use of a chainsaw, so should learn working of a chainsaw.


The main difference between the saws is the bar’s length when it comes to electric chainsaw size. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as the blade, it is the saw that supports the chain. Bar length on electric chainsaw comes as small as 10 or 12 inches. And as large as 18 inches. In the case of replacing a chainsaw, you need to measure a chainsaw bar correctly.

However, saws with the small size are lightweight and easy to use all day. They are useful for trimming small trees and limbs. They are handy on the campsite for cutting firewood to length. However, Large bars help cut firewood and felling trees. They are less convenient and heavier for limbing trees than a smaller saw.

Corded vs Cordless

Whether or not to go cord-free is the priority decision when it comes to an electric chainsaw. Think about the size of the property and how you can plan to use the saw. If you are felling trees back in the wood, you will need a battery-operated saw; if you are cutting the firewood rounds in the driveway, a corded saw will best for this task.

Power of Electric chainsaw

The electric saw power is rated by the amperages. An amp-rating describes how a power saw can draw before the internal components overheat or start breaking down. An 8-amp saw can also be considered light-duty, while a 15 amp is for most solemn duty for electric chainsaw and a 12-amp for medium work duty.

Matching your needs to your power needs can help you to ensure that you will enjoy your saw. Select an underpowered saw for cutting up dense hardwood logs will frustrate you as it overheats and bogs down. However, using a heavy-duty saw for a fruit tree might be difficult on your back to its weight.

Chain Tensioning

Chains of chainsaw are known to stretch with the user due to centrifugal force and temperature change. New chains stretch a bit due to some factors as well as breaking in, and that’s acceptable. Moreover, when the chain stretches, it fit loosely on the bar or even skips off the bar altogether, if not dangerous, annoying.

Chainsaw bars have a back and forward adjustment that makes the chain slack to account for stretching. Most easily adjusted models come with the tool-free tensioning system. You just need to loosen a knob on the side of the bar using your hand, twist the knob until the slack is gone, and tight the bar without pulling out a single hand tool.

Oiling system

The oiling is an essential part of any chainsaw. Oil helps you to run nicely in the bar’s grooves. It prevents the chain from wearing out prematurely and the bar from burning from the chain’s speed. It allows the saw to run at the optimal speed for the fastest cutting.

Moreover, the convenient way to go is with an auto-oiler that continuously lubricates the bar while using it as long as you remember to keep the onboard reservoir full. However, some older options include the manual oiler and rudimentary, pouring oil over the bar using hand, but nowadays, these outdated systems are less likely to be found.

Top Tip

When the bar’s tip uppermost portion makes contact with the log, kickback happens. The chainsaw to kick back towards the user potentially makes contact between the spinning chain and the user. However, if you want to avoid the kickback, never use the saw’s tip for making cuts; cut using the bottom and top sections of the bar until you become experienced with the chainsaw. Using the top falls victim to kickbacks from time to time and an advanced technique for regular saw users.


Any chain saw can be dangerous if it’s not correctly operated because tools are not toys. However, the same safety features available on the gas-powered saw can be found in the electric unit. Manual chain brakes in front of the grip allow you to engage the brake by rotating your wrist forward and keeping the user’s top hand protected.

Some chainsaws come with the clutches that disengage the chain with the trigger is released. It prevents the free-spinning chain from catching the user of the guard after the cut. Moreover, low-kickback chains are also available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use electric chainsaw for cutting logs?

When working with wood, consider choosing a chainsaw over a hand saw. Chainsaws make it easy to cut smaller trees into logs and will leave you with the extra energy to finish the job. Electric chainsaws are especially convenient because they are cordless and require less effort to operate. When you're working in forests and don't want to tire yourself out, try electric remington chainsaw for some swift and easy cutting.

How thick can you cut with electric chainsaw?

The WEN 12-Amp Corded Chainsaw offers 16 inches (406.4 mm) of cutting capacity with a bar length of 16 inches (406.4 mm). It can slice through small trees and branches up to 14 inches in diameter.

How much noise electric chainsaw make?

Electric and gas chainsaws are very similar in many ways. When it comes to noise-level, electric models fall behind their gas-powered counterparts as they roughly have 90-102 decibel sound range while gas chainsaws typically reach between 100-108 decibels. This means that an electric chainsaw is 10 to 20 decibels quieter than a comparable gas model, with 10 decibels representing a doubling of the sounds volume.

Can electric chainsaw kick back?

Electric chainsaws are fitted with safety features to help avoid kickbacks to make them much safer than their petrol-powered counterparts. While petrol chainsaws tend to be more powerful and thus cause violent kickbacks, electric chainsaws are much safer because of the way they're designed (and also because you don't have to worry about cutting your hand open on a moving chain while protecting yourself from the motor's exhaust).

Does it need to oil electric chainsaw?

Electric chain saws are far more convenient because they don't require any added oil since the lubrication naturally occurs with each bar and chain rotation. However, unlike their gas alternative, the electric chain saw's bar and chain must be properly lubricated to achieve optimal results.


If you have any questions about the best electric chain saw, be aware that best will be what works best for you and the job you have for it. The top-rated saws we’ve listed above illustrate the various options you’ve made concerning size and power and how the difference between cordless and corded machines compares to one another.

However, every product highlighted above has its quality distinctions. The power of EGO Power+ is highly rated, and it allows you to handle pretty much any size task you need to get done. We highly recommend you choose any chainsaw from these best electric chainsaws. Hopefully, now you easily choose the best chainsaw for your backyard or garden.