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Best Cabinet Table Saw

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When moving from consumer to professional level projects, a cabinet table saw is one of the best tools you can upgrade. Compared with a standard benchtop table saw, a cabinet table saw comes with more features. If you need to cut wood accurately, then consider the best cabinet table saw.

Woodworkers at all levels know how important it is to equip a woodworking workshop with a good table saw. Cabinet table saws are perfect for those who need extra power, stability, and accuracy. In addition, the feeling of cutting through hardwood with a heavy-duty cabinet saw is unrivaled.

Cabinet saws have progressively advanced over the past few years, and they now have become one of the famous tools on the market. It is designed for generations of use every day, day after day. Our experts have reviewed the ten best cabinet table saws on the market today. In addition, they are reading through hundreds of other reviews and evaluating them according to their features, price, and quality.

Our Top Pickup of Best Cabinet Table Saw


SawStop 10-Inch Professional

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Top Rated

Powermatic PM1000

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JET 10-Inch Deluxe XACTA Saw

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Elegant look

Powermatic 64B

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Biesemeyer fence system

Delta 3 HP

  • Features: Powerful 3 horsepower, Unrivaled vibration control, Legendary Biesemeyer fence system.
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Micro-adjust miter gauge

Powermatic 64B 1791229k

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T-glide fence


  • Features: SawStop cabinet saws with the shroud and Dust Collection Blade Guard (TSG-DC) capture an industry-leading 99% of the dust created.
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Bosch Power Tool 4100

  • Features: Large cast aluminum top, Constant Response circuitry, Smart Guard System.
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Ergonomic benchtop saw

Goplus Table Saw

  • Features: Powerful Cutting Performance, 36 Tooth Blade & Aluminum Tabletop, Double Bevel Cutting & Adjustable Height.
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Compact in size

DEWALT Table Saw

  • Features: Portability, Easy adjustments, Variety of cuts, Onboard storage, Guaranteed tough.
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1- SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Editor Choice

SawStop 10-Inch Professional

With a strong motor and durable gearing, SAWSTOP cabinet table saws are built to last.

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Cabinet table saw sawstop PCS31230-TGP252 stands out above the rest because of its unique safety feature, the revolutionary brake system. When it detects conductivity in the cutting blade, it instantly stops the blade, greatly enhancing its safety. In addition, with its three-horsepower engine, you can be sure that you have enough power for any cutting job that you might need to perform.

With a 52-inch T-Glide rip fence, it can handle even the most extended boards, and its cast-iron Table makes for a solid and smooth surface to move your timber across. SawStop Cabinet Saw also comes with a 10-inch circular blade with 40 teeth with two cast-iron wings to adjust the table size as you see fit. These are universal blades that are good for many applications. However, it is also a great idea to get specialized blades for specific applications. Just make sure they are compatible with the SawStop brake system.

With a strong motor and durable gearing, SAWSTOP cabinet table saws are built to last. They also take precautions to keep your health in the best condition by using a 99% dust collection system. This way, carcinogenic sawdust is kept out of the air in your workshop and lungs. The blade guard of the saw works with the dust collection system to collect as much dust as possible as early as possible. The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252, which offers all of these fantastic features, offers the best overall safety mechanisms.

Features of SawStop

  • The rail and T-glide Fence are made of heavy gauge steel and provide reliable cutting for years
  • Stop spinning the blade on contact with the skin in less than five milliseconds
  • The arbor and trunnion are built for strength, precision, and stability
  • 99% dust collection is delivered above Table with dust collection blade guard

Specifications of SawStop

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  • The blade carries the small electric signal
  • Aluminum brake
  • Take less time to restart
  • Painted safety system
  • 99% dust collection
  • On-off switch and power paddle


  • Saw has a safety issue

2- Powermatic Table Saw with 50 Inch Fence

Top Rated

Powermatic PM1000

This table saw is equipped with a 50-inch rip fence and miter gauges that swivel up to 60 degrees.

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Powermatic is an American manufacturer of woodworking tools that specializes in cabinet table saws under 1000$. Their products are made in the USA, and they were established in 1928. It is not surprising that they are a world-class leader in woodworking machinery with a tremendous amount of heritage behind them.

Runs on a 1-3/4 HP motor, the Powermatic PM1000 is a Cabinet Saw that might not sound as if it is powerful enough. Nevertheless, a poly-V belt system minimizes blade vibrations allowing efficient motor use. In addition, the Table saw is equipped with a 50-inch rip fence and miter gauges that swivel up to 60 degrees. Finally, the saw’s safety features include a tool-less blade guard assembly that sits above a 10-inch saw blade. This design prevents the blade edges from being exposed by moving independently on the sides of the blade guard.

There have been many positive reviews on the Powermatic PM1000, with compliments on its accuracy and value for money. This cabinet table saw is Powermatic’s impeccable build quality and accuracy. Although the engine power is more minor, it is still powerful enough to cut through oak and maple, and the riving knife is relatively easy to adjust.

Features of Powermatic

  • The unit features an edge for smoother operations
  • The poly-v belt system reduces the vibration and increases efficiency
  • The miter gauge allows easy adjustment for different cuts
  • Single-handed arbor lock blade changes with the minimal tools

Specifications of Powermatic

[table id=160 /]


  • Precision ground cast ironwork
  • Poly-v belt driver system
  • One hand blade change
  • Great accu-fence system


  • The saw comes with defected fence design

3- Jet Deluxe XACTA Saw


JET 10-Inch Deluxe XACTA Saw


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In the 1980s, Jet expanded its business model into woodworking. It sells many woodworking tools regarded for their quality. With a 5-year warranty. They back up their immaculately made tools if you have any problems setting your cabinet table saw up.

In a cabinet table saw, the motor is protected from sawdust by a sealed cabinet. XACTASAW Deluxe saws make good use of this and include a built-in sealed storage drawer for tools and accessories. There is also a 4-inch dust collection area built into the cabinet.

Two cast-iron wings make a large cast-iron table even more significant. You can maintain accuracy with a large 50-inch rip fence throughout the entire cutting process. Using the arbor and trunnion, the blade can be rotated left for bevel cuts on beautifully machined cast iron handwheels.

An arbor push-button locking system makes it easy to change the blade on the table saw. Thanks to its quick-release mechanism, the riving knife blade can be swapped out easily. A blade guard protects the operator when the blade is at any angle, even up to 45 degrees. There is also a riding knife included in the set. Once it is ready to be used, your shop will be perfectly aligned with electrical connections. It will be tough to move, so get it set up where you intend to use it.

Features of Jet

  • Quick hassle-free riving knife changes.
  • The poly-v drive system delivers quiet and efficient operation.
  • Dust collector port increases the efficiency to collect the dust and make your work easier.

Specifications of Jet

[table id=161 /]


  • Riving knife
  • Dust port
  • Safety guard
  • 3 HP motor and poly V-Belt system
  • On/off switch to protect the motor


  • Not found yet

4- Powermatic 64B Table Saw with Riving Knife

Elegant look

Powermatic 64B


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The 64B 1791230K table saw is the other of our two Powermatic cabinet table saws. Compared to the Powermatic PM1000, it is smaller and cheaper. Even so, Powermatic cabinet table saws have the excellent build quality you’d expect.

It utilizes a 1 3/4 HP electric motor with a 115V or 230V supply, just as the PM1000. Installing it in different locations is possible due to its dual voltage options. Changing the blade is made more accessible using an arbor lock, accessed from above the table.

A transparent blade guard surrounds the blade with independent leaves on either side. There is a quick-release riving knife on the blade at the rear that helps minimize kickbacks. The cabinet also has hooks to keep rulers and push sticks within reach.

It takes a typical user just 3 hours from delivery to get started with it. We had no issues with cutting materials. It is well balanced and produces a smooth cut. It is still a high-grade machine, even though it is the bottom of the line for Powermatic.

Features of Powermatic

  • The Accu-fence system locks to rail without play for safety and precision
  • The quick-release knife maintains close blade proximity to reduce the kickback chance
  • The cost iron trunnion ensures the blade positioning
  • The micro miter gauge offers wide crosscut support

Specifications of Powermatic

[table id=162 /]


  • Cast iron trunnion
  • Micro-adjust miter gauge
  • Built-in dust port
  • Accu-fence system
  • Elegant look with the best quality


  • Heavyweight tool

5- Delta 3HP Motor with BIESEMEYER Fence System

Biesemeyer fence system

Delta 3 HP

Powerful 3 horsepower, Unrivaled vibration control, Legendary Biesemeyer fence system.

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From Delta, this cabinet table saw is designed with woodworking professionals in mind. In addition, it comes with a Biesemeyer 52 inch fence and a three-horsepower American Marathon motor to ensure that you will never run out of ripping power.

The 52-inch rip fence constructed by Biesemeyer is better than anything else in the field. On the built-in tape, a hairline pointer indicates your exact position. Precision and precision are guaranteed thanks to their very tight tolerances. In addition, using the cam lock lever makes it easy for the lever to be positioned precisely and to remain in place.

Its solid cast iron base ensures that it is always on a stable footing, regardless of the flooring below. In addition, a dust collector hose combined with a collection point at the bottom of the cabinet offers a much greater dust collection than a collector hose used alone.

The stand should be moved around the workshop by a mobility stand. A 5-year warranty also covers the machine, so you know they stand behind their products. Straight out of the box, effortless setup, thanks to the well-packaged machine. Unfortunately, the extension table isn’t the best we’ve seen, making it plywood.

Features of Delta

  • For easy adjustment, dual front cranks
  • Improved tabletop geometry for surface area stabilization
  • Easy-access on/off and sturdy cast iron switch for operation
  • For organization and quick access, smart storage

Specifications of Delta

[table id=163 /]


  • Biesemeyer fence system
  • Tool-free split guard
  • Smart storage
  • Convenient dust extraction
  • Sturdy cast iron base operation


  • Worse quality saw

6- Powermatic 64B 1791229k Table Saw

Micro-adjust miter gauge

Powermatic 64B


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Since this is a budget option, you should not expect the same performance levels as the SawStop. Despite that, it is still a decent table saw, resulting in substantial savings on the purchase price. In addition, a micro-adjustable miter gauge allows you to make super-accurate crosscuts and increase the size of your crosscuts using the extension.

The extension plate increases crosscutting capability, and it has a micro-adjustable miter gauge. There is also a quick-release blade guard and riving knife for tool-free mounting and removal. Finally, it not possible to ignore the fact that this Table saw is inexpensive. Sure, it will cost you, but it isn’t much for a cabinet, table saw.

Features of Powermatic

  • The dual voltage allows you to meet the demands of a professional contractor
  • Transparent blade guard leaves and release riving knife reduces the chance of kickback.
  • Arbor lock accessed from eliminating the need for dual blade wrenches
  • t-slot miter gauge has rack-and-pinion angle setting for workpiece support
  • cast iron table and wings with a working area for conveniently working

Specifications of Powermatic

[table id=164 /]


  • Built-in dust port
  • Micro-adjust miter gauge
  • Cast iron trunnion
  • Quick-release riving knife


  • Heavy Table saw

7- SawStop Professional Cabinet Table Saw

T-glide fence


SawStop cabinet saws with the shroud and Dust Collection Blade Guard (TSG-DC) capture an industry-leading 99% of the dust created.

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For the 1.75 HP Professional Cabinet Saw and 52″ Prof. T-Glide Fence System, SawStop engineers spent countless hours ensuring nothing was missed. Every aspect of this saw has been designed to deliver repeatable excellence, with smooth, repeatable cutting and the T-Glide Fence providing the performance you need. Ten amputations resulting from Table saw injuries every day in the United States.

There is a risk of accidents even for the most safety-conscious woodworkers. In an accident, the consequences can be horrible: extreme pain and trauma, a loss of ability to make money, and even a loss of hobbies. Therefore, it is imperative to protect yourself. It offers smooth, expansive working surfaces, precise measurement, and sure lockdown without deflection. The Professional T-Glide Fence System is constructed of the highest-quality thick-gauge steel.

The Centers for Disease Control classifies sawdust as a carcinogen. SawStop offers the most comprehensive safety solution for sawdust. SawStop cabinet saws with the shroud and Dust Collection Blade Guard (TSG-DC) capture an industry-leading 99% of the dust created. With the thickest arbors in any 10″ saw, this heavy-duty trunnion is unlike any other on the market. Gas-piston assist makes for ease of operation, with authentic vertical trunnion travel.

Durable and open gearing reduces dust compaction for easy operation. Quiet and accurate poly V-ribbed belts ensure quiet power transfer and a minimum of vibration. With two fixed wheels, two 360-degree casters, and an ergonomic one-foot operation, the Professional Integrated Mobile Base (MB-PCS-000) lifts the saw mechanically with a single motion. This heavy-duty mobile base features four 360-degree casters, hydraulic piston assistance, a foot pedal to raise the saw, and four 360-degree casters that allow it to be moved around your shop with ease.

Features of Sawstop

  • The unit is made of heavy-gauge steel for reliable square cutting without deflection
  • Stops a spinning blade in less than five milliseconds on contact with skin & drops below Table
  • The trunnion and arbor are built for strength, precision, and stability
  • A dust collector is delivered above the Table with the dust collection blade guard and blow table with advanced shrouding around the Table.

Specifications of Sawstop

[table id=165 /]


  • T-glide fence assembly
  • SawStop patented safety system
  • Unmatched quality
  • Dust collection
  • Power paddle and switch on-off reliability


  • The Fence shifts leftwards

8- Bosch Power Tool 4100-10 Table Saw


Bosch Power Tool 4100

Large cast aluminum top, Constant Response circuitry, Smart Guard System.

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With the Bosch 4100 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand, you’ll have both a powerful rip capacity and outstanding portability for a tool that gets the job done, wherever you are. It boasts a maximum HP of 4.0 for outstanding productivity.

In addition, it incorporates soft-start circuitry that minimizes the possibility of tripping the circuit breaker by ramping up the Speed to operating Speed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The square lock rip fence features constant response circuitry for maximum Speed under load and overload protection. The Fence can glide smoothly along the rail for one-handed operation. With 8 In. treaded rubber compound composite tires, the GTA47W is lighter than the GTA47E and has an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-transport design.

It is made of heavy-duty construction and is equipped with a modular blade guard, consisting of three different riving knives, anti-kickback pawls, and a non-obstructed view barrier. Moreover, the SquareLock rip fence – engineered for enhanced clamping and trueness – allows you to rip 4 Ft. wide sheet goods in half. 29″ x 21 1/2″ tabletop for easy cutting.

Features of Bosch

  • For crosscutting and rip-cutting, the fine and rough materials
  • Aluminum top provides workspace and material support with a ripping capacity of 30 in
  • The soft-start circuitry easily manages the intensity of the motor and minimizes the possibility of tripping a circuit breaker
  • The unit works seamlessly with the GTA47W gravity-rise wheeled stand for easy mobility

Specifications of Bosch

[table id=166 /]


  • Powerful Table saw
  • Large cast aluminum top
  • Soft start circuitry
  • Constant response circuitry
  • Portability
  • Smart guard system


  • Holes on the saw are shallow, and tighten brackets

9- Goplus Portable Table Saw with Metal Stand

Ergonomic benchtop saw

Goplus Table Saw

Powerful Cutting Performance, 36 Tooth Blade & Aluminum Tabletop, Double Bevel Cutting & Adjustable Height.

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This quality table saw boasts a die-cast aluminum exterior and 36-tooth blade, as well as a transparent modular guard system and riving knife that keeps flying chips at bay. The powerful motor engine delivers uninterrupted operation at 15 amps at a speed of 5000 RPMs, while its vast rip capacity of 26 ensures uninterrupted operation.

These tools are strong enough to cut through most kinds of wood. In addition, this tool can handle larger wood pieces without much friction, thanks to its 26-inch rip capacity. The portable Table offers different accessories such as an adjustable sliding miter gauge, an alignment rail system, a push stick, and a sliding miter gauge saw under 300.

Features of Goplus

  • Equipped with high power Amp Motor in low noise that delivers 5000 cutting performance
  • Aluminum tabletop with 26 rip capacity can rip through more considerable wood material and reduce friction for smoother sliding
  • Convenient tool for various needs and it provide crosscut at 90 degrees and angle cut at 45 degree
  • The onboard storage system is convenient for wrench and push stick

Specifications of Goplus

[table id=167 /]


  • Powerful cutting performance
  • Aluminum tabletop and 36 tooth blade
  • Double bevel cutting with adjustable handle
  • Rip fence and miter gauge
  • Ergonomic benchtop saw


  • Not useable bracket system which holds blade and motor

10- DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite

Compact in size

DEWALT Table Saw

Portability, Easy adjustments, Variety of cuts, Onboard storage, Guaranteed tough.

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A 15 amp motor powers this compact table saw, which is also available in the DeWalt DW7491RS and DW745. Weighing about half as much as either of those table saws, it is considerably lighter than the DWE7491RS package. In the DeWalt DWE7485 Jobsite table saw, the blade is smaller at 8.5 inches. The plywood cutout capacity is 24.5 inches, with clear markings. There are simple controls that allow micro-adjustment.

For hobbyists with a small workshop that needs a table saw that can be stored when not used. Contractors who move between job sites frequently will also benefit from this design. The package includes a table saw, Fence, kickback pawls, miter gauge, push stick, blade changing wrenches, riving knife, 24-tooth blade, and a modular guard system.

Features of DEWALT

  • Compact size table saw for ease of storage and transportation
  • Pinion and rack telescoping fence rails make fence adjustment fast, accurate and smooth
  • When not in use, onboard storage gives easy access to site pro guarding components and push stick

Specifications of Dewalt

[table id=168 /]


  • Easy adjustments
  • Compact in size
  • Fast, accurate, and smooth
  • 15Amp power with 5800 rpm motor
  • Metal roll cage ensures durability


  • Deliver not in good condition scratches and dents on model

Buying Guide Of Best Cabinet Table Saw

You have a lot of cabinet table saw options to choose from, so it can be tricky to figure out what matters most. Our guide makes it easier for you to choose your cabinet table saw.

Table Size

The motor is housed neatly inside a cabinet for a cabinet saw, so it has a smaller footprint than a contractor table saw. But with a cabinet saw, the table size is much more flexible. Ideally, the Table should be made from heavy-duty metal, such as cast iron, so that it does not warp or bend over time.

Cabinet saws are frequently designed to cut up large wood sheets into smaller pieces of wood. Therefore, it is essential to have a large table large enough to rip plywood sheets with a fence of about 50 inches. For a greater cutting capacity, some craftsmen use extensions for their saws. But make sure that these have a perfect alignment with the rest of the Table. Additionally, you’ll find router inserts in a few table extensions that can help save space in your workshop.

Arbor Shaft Size

When choosing a cabinet table saw for your kitchen, check the arbor size. This is to make sure it will fit your Table saw blades. The typical shaft sizes are 5/8 inches, which are suitable for most 10-inch blades. However, it is essential to check that the shaft is long enough to accommodate the dado spacing to fit dado blades.

Power Rating

Many different power requirements and engine sizes are available with cabinet table saws. For example, a table saw with 1.5 hp to 2 hp power will usually run on a 120-volt household circuit. On the other hand, more powerful 3 to 5 HP motors usually require a 240-volt circuit to be wired into your workshop.

However, it is always good to check your setup before purchasing. These are usually suitable for cutting through thicker wood, typically around 3 inches at a minimum.


Power saws are used for two primary purposes, increasing cutting speed and improving cut accuracy. Cabinet table saws are designed to be very accurate due to their large Table, large base, and solid rip fence. In addition, there should not be much vibration in the blade and the machine should be well balanced in a well-built machine.


Depending on what you are cutting or making a cut out of, you will need more or less power. The power required to chip out material from a dado cut, for example, will need to be sufficient. Electric motors power cabinet table saws, which are measured in Horse Power (HP). Consider how much motor power a cabinet saw uses and its electric needs when comparing the devices among themselves.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount with table saws because they lead to the most accidents in the workshop. Nowadays, blade covers, riving blades, emergency stop buttons, and even conductive braking systems are commonplace. So choose the best table saw that has robust safety features.

Miter Slot

Miter gauges are commonly used to feed materials across the table at the desired angle. This point of contact provides a stable work surface while paired with the rip fence. You need a miter slot machined into the table surface for a miter gauge to work. A miter slot should be on both sides of the blade. Additionally, it keeps the miter gauge in place even when fully extended.

Dust Collection

It is essential to keep any power tool clean when using it. This helps prolong its life and decreases the chances that you will injure yourself. Dust collection is crucial for saw users going through the timber for long periods. Cabinet table saws make cutting easier as they’re made with a sloping shelf inside the cabinet that lets sawdust fall to a 4-inch duct. With your shop vacuum connected, the sawdust can be removed.


How Does A Table Saw Different From A Cabinet Saw?

A cabinet saw and a table saw both use a circular blade that protrudes through a metal table. You can adjust the blade’s height to accommodate the material you are cutting. A cabinet saw motor has a more significant amount of power than a standard table saw motor. Powerful motors enable them to cut thicker and larger timber while maintaining a precise cut.

Because cabinet saws are intended to be left in place in a workshop, they are much heavier than their counterparts. Table saws used by woodworkers and professionals are also portable and can be used on a worktop surface. They also cost more than a table saw and are designed to be used on a job site.

Which is the best cabinet table saw on the market?

SawStop’s 10-inch Professional Cabinet Saw is our recommendation for the best cabinet table saw. A superb safety system is built in that stops the blade within five milliseconds of contact with flesh. A heavy-gauge steel construction increases its precision and reliability. In addition, its dust collection efficiency of 99% means that dangerous sawdust particles are kept out of the air. SawStop PCS31230 has excellent reviews, which is why we have rated it number one best overall.

Do Grizzly Table Saws Work considerably?

With two affordable cabinet table saws available on the market, Grizzly is a popular choice. A perfect table saw range from Grizzly is backed up with excellent customer service and good build quality. With excellent customer service and a straightforward setup process, they are a good choice for table saws.

Should I buy a cabinet table saw?

One of the essential reasons people buy a cabinet table saw is for its control. An electric cabinet table saw will give you the Speed and repetition you need if you do a lot of carpentry work.

It is unlikely that you may need a high-end woodworking machine if you do woodworking as a hobby. Hence, Hobbyists may prefer a benchtop table saw or other tools. Think about what you will use a tool for before purchasing one. Don’t purchase a tool just to let it sit around gathering dust.


When it comes to cabinet saws, you won’t have an opportunity to upgrade them often. Thus we recommend buying the best one you can afford when you purchase your first cabinet saw or replace an outdated one. However, Check out our Table saw horsepower guide for information on how much HP you need. Take your time and research purchasing a cabinet table. We understand that buying a cabinet table is an investment. Pick one of the saws we have listed here if you want a good table saw.