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Why Chain Saw Blade Smokes?

Sharpening your chain saw is a necessary task to improve its performance. When sharpened regularly, it will run more efficiently and last longer. An unsharpened chain is not only hazardous to the environment but can also cause smoke and trouble. You can learn how to sharpen your chainsaw by yourself or by visiting a saw shop. It may take some time to learn the proper techniques, but you’ll save money and time if you learn how to do it correctly.


If you’ve ever wondered why your chain saw blade smokes, it might be because it’s not lubricated properly. Oiling your chain saw is very important because lubricating the chain helps keep it from overheating. In addition to that, lubrication is important because it helps cool the chain and bar.

Check the oil-to-gas ratio

The best way to determine if your chainsaw is causing smoke is to check the oil-to-gas ratio. Generally, modern chainsaws use a 1:50 ratio for gas and oil. If the oil-to-gas ratio is off, you’re likely adding too much oil. You can correct the problem by draining the fuel tank and refuelling it with the right amount of oil.


Another reason your chain saw blade is smoking is due to friction. The friction between the chain and wood piece causes heat. When the chain is too dull, the teeth become blunt and will not cut the wood efficiently. This friction will heat the wood piece and cause smoke. In some cases, this could even result in wood burning. To avoid this, you can sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw to prevent it from smoking.


In addition to oiling, you should also check the tension of the chainsaw blade. The chain must fit tightly around the bar without hanging off the bottom. If the chain hangs downward, it cannot cut the wood effectively. When your chainsaw smokes, it’s a good idea to stop using it until the problem is resolved.

Summing up: Why Chain Saw Blade Smokes

A smokey chainsaw may be a sign of a serious problem. The most common causes include inadequate lubrication, overheating, and airflow. It’s also important to remember that fresh tree bark contains a lot of water and will cause the saw blade to overheat. If you don’t have the proper lubrication, this may cause a kickback that can damage the wood and your chainsaw.

Smoke coming from your chainsaw is the result of many different causes. Some of them are fuel and chain overheating. Identifying the source of the smoke will help you pinpoint the issue. Once you know the cause of the smoke, you can start repairing it. But if the problem persists, you can always purchase a new chain.

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