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Why did chain saw loose compression?

In case your chainsaw has lost compression, you may have several possible causes. These include improper air and fuel mixture, clogged carburetor, and wear and tear. To solve the problem, you should first remove the chain and blade from the saw. After that, you need to check the air and fuel mixture in the chainsaw. If you find a leak, you will need to disassemble the engine. You may end up destroying the engine if you try to repair the problem yourself. Let’s take a look at some reasons of loose compression in chainsaw:

Why did chain saw loose compression?

Dirty air filter

If you’ve ever noticed your chain saw losing power or compression, the problem may lie with the air filter. It can become clogged or overheated if it is dirty. It can also lead to increased fuel consumption. It’s best to clean your air filter regularly if you want to prevent this problem in the future. You can easily access your air filter by unscrewing the cover and pulling it out. The air filter is a very important part of your saw’s engine, as it draws in fresh air, mixes it with fuel, and burns it. A dirty air filter can cause your saw to lose power, consume more fuel, and wear down its internal parts. Therefore, you should clean it regularly with a soft brush and warm water. You can also use a solvent that is approved by the manufacturer.

If you’ve noticed a sudden loss of power or compression, you should immediately inspect the engine. If you suspect that the air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one. This will eliminate the problem for good. If you’re still unsure about whether the problem is caused by a dirty air filter, check the carburetor. You can also check the spark arrestor behind the muffler.

Wear and tear

If you notice that your chain saw has a tendency to loosen its compression, you might want to consider the following repair options: you can replace the clutch, replace the piston, and fix the clutch nut. However, if the problems still persist, you might want to check for other areas of the engine that might be causing the compression problem. One such place is the starter assembly, which includes the starter rope, the pulley, the recoil spring, and the flywheel. The parts of the starter assembly must rotate for compression to occur, and you should look for cracks and wear in the starter assembly.

Clogged carburetor

If you are experiencing a problem with your chain saw, you may be having carburetor trouble. A clogged carburetor can lead to a variety of problems, from difficulty starting the saw to low power or a poor idle. It may also indicate a dirty air filter or improperly mixed fuel. If you suspect that the carburetor is plugged, it’s important to have it inspected by a qualified technician.

The carburettor is the place where fuel and air are mixed in an ideal proportion. If it becomes clogged, this can cause the chainsaw to lose compression. A broken rewind spring can also cause this problem. Clogged fuel lines can also lead to a poor start.


Loose compression can be a very serious problem with a chainsaw, as it can lead to significant power loss and full engine shutdown. Before tackling the issue, it is important to identify the cause. Loose compression in a chainsaw can be caused by several factors. In order to diagnose this problem, you will need to take the saw apart and examine the parts carefully.

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