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Best Chainsaw Sharpener

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A chainsaw is an essential tool, and if you don’t take care of it, it will malfunction. If your chain saw is playing up and won’t cut straight, then the blades must be dull. It would be good if you had a sharpening tool to restore the working edge on the blades. You can take care of maintenance yourself using the best chain saw sharpener. Moreover, there’s no need to send your chainsaw to the service center to sharpen the blades. Different types of best chainsaw sharpener will help you to sharpen the chain saw.

A chainsaw sharpener of different kinds is an essential tool to have handy for your chainsaw’s general maintenance. Chain wears down quickly with the use, and with the regular attention, you’ve clean, effortless cuts whenever you use your saw. This care helps you to keep your engine from having to work harder than it allows you to have for years to come.

The best chainsaw sharpener reviews below show the various options you’ve and why they’re worth having handy. If you need a sharpener or looking to keep an extra one around, these options are worth considering.

Types of Chainsaw Sharpener

You must know the different types of chainsaw sharpeners available in the market and select which one is best for them. Generally, there’re three main types of chainsaws.

  • Electric chainsaw
  • Mounted chainsaw
  • Handheld chainsaw

All types have their benefits. So you can find anyone according to your requirement. Have a look at these best types of chainsaw sharpeners.

Electric chainsaw sharpener

The electric chainsaw is faster, efficient, precise, and widely used by the different professionals among these three types. They are easy to use, as they won’t need your muscle power while sharpening. To restrict the chain movement in place and ensure the correct sharpening angle, you’ve to clamp the chain between the guide bar. At the constant speed, the wheel starts to sharpen the chain with the constant length and angles. For beginners, they’re expensive with the confusing setup. People who need instant sharpening will get this. Moreover, it can easily sharpen a dull saw easily and quickly. One has to wear safety gear like gloves or goggles while using.

Handheld File Chainsaw Sharpener

It’s the basic and common type of chainsaw sharpener. Handheld is a file in varying diameters used to sharpen the various chain sizes. It will help if you run them over the chain’s tip, which must be done manually with the muscle’s power.

It would help you if you were careful when you sharpen the wood, as it won’t disturb the chain’s cutting angle. The mobility and low-price range are plus points of the manual chainsaw sharper while removing the chain from the chainsaw while sharpening would be a con, as it takes some time to adjust and remove.

Bar Mounted Chain Saw

The bar-mounted sharpening process will lie in between the handheld file and electric chainsaw sharpeners, as they offer an intensive sharpening process. It needs a flat and stable platform such as a worktable to sharpen the chain effectively. They use the knob to set the saw as per the manufacturer’s specifications for filling and depth. You have to use a hand crank to set the chain in place, to move the chain through the sharpener. They give precise sharpening with the perfect control over the sharpener, but there’s no need to take out the chain for sharpening it.

Our Top Pickups of Best Chainsaw Sharpener


Oregon 410-120

  • Features: Universal sharpener, One-way motor rotation, Bench or wall mounted
Check on AmazonRead Full Review
Top Rated

Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener

  • Features: One who needs a sharpening kit that they can easily use from any place should check out the Katzco chainsaw sharpener.
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Easy to use

Buffalo Tools ECSS

  • Features:4200 RPM grinding speed, Will sharpen chains gauge, Saw chain pitch is 3/8 in.
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Pferd 17301

  • Features: 1 x CHAIN SHARP CS-X chain saw sharpener, Depth gauge distance .025 inch, Chain pitch: .325 inch.
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Granberg Bar-Mount

  • Features: Quickly and easily sharpen, Made of cast aluminum, Mounts to any saw.
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Stihl 2 IN 1

  • Features: Easy to use, Works Great, Less expensive saw, Lightweight, compact and portable.
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Precise angle adjustment


  • Features: Precise angle adjustment, Chain rotation rollers to advance links, For safety large side guard.
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Oregon 30846

  • Features: Easy to use, Works from 12 volt battery, Quick-adjust sharpening guide.
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Husqvarna 653000035

  • Features: The model needs a professional operator ad isn’t the best choice for newbies learning in sharpen chains.
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Oregon Mounted Saw

  • Features: Accurate Sharpening, Universal sharpener, Bench or wall mounted.
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1- Oregon 410-120 Wall Mounted Chainsaw Grinder

Editor Choice

Oregon Professional Compact

Bench or wall mounted Professional grinder, Universal sharpener, One-way motor rotation.

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The design of Oregon means that you can mount it on the workshop bench or a wall. You can select the place that suits you best, so you can perform your task efficiently. It sharpens fast, so use it whenever you want. It’s not an investment that you can regret. There’s no need to worry about the electric bill with an electric power consumption of 140 watts and 1.2 Amperes. It’s an economic tool to sharpen the chain saw.

Your safety is assured because there’s a safety shield in an in-built light. There’s a chain vise that ensures the chain is at a central position. There’s no need to keep making the adjustments. A strategically placed wear indicator informs you when there’s no need to change the grinding wheel.

Moreover, the sharpener’s installation is made easy because it comes with an instruction manual. You must not fear buying it even if you’re inexperienced in these products. If you intend to engage in heavy-duty sharpener, Oregon will help you. It uses 300 watts with 4.3Amps. The professional chain saw sharpener has an in-built light feature. Overall it’s the best chain saw sharpener; use it and make your work easier.

Features of Oregon

  • Using this sharpener, you can saw any chain such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, etc.
  • Best for those users who sharpen chains semi-regularly and wish to save money and time
  • The standing tripod can buy separately motor rotation for greater operator safety
  • The box comes with the dressing brick, a quick check grinding template, three grinding wheels for a sharpener

Specifications of Oregon

[table id=179 /]


  • 2-3 grinding wheels
  • Dressing brick
  • Check grinding template
  • Easy-to-use adjustments
  • One-way motor operation
  • Heavy-duty workhorse to a compact alternative
  • Durable sharpener
  • For a better visibility, built-in light


  • Handle won’t stay on

2- Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener


Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener

One who needs a sharpening kit that they can easily use from any place should check out the Katzco chainsaw sharpener.

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One who needs a sharpening kit that they can easily use from any place should check out the Katzco chainsaw sharpener. It’s purchased with four sharpening files, which makes it unstable for any type of chainsaw. The convenience you feel is that you can use it from any location due to its portability. Moreover, you can buy it with a pouch where you can easily carry the filing accessories.

The files come in various sizes and shapes. You can get flat and three cylindrical files with different dimensions. However, The chainsaw comes with the handle mode of hardwood. It can be used with any of the files. You can buy it to ensure you confirm that accessories are available.

Moreover, the materials used to make these files are of the best quality. So, you can use them for a long time without the need to buy another sharpener. Hence, you’re sure of saving time and money as you don’t need to buy these sharpeners. Those who have no experience in using chainsaw sharpeners don’t worry. The wooden handle makes it easy to grip. It comes with an operation guide to help you to understand what to do. It’s an excellent sharpening kit for novices as well as veterans.

Features of Katzco

  • Katzco chainsaw file kit contains all tools you may need to get your chainsaw back into its optimal condition.
  • The roll-up pouch keeps everything you want in one location and allows for the best portability
  • The kit comes with a range of various files to meet your chainsaw sharpening needs.
  • Hardwood handle can attach to any of the file and depth-gauge tools used on any chainsaw.
  • This chainsaw sharpener comes with a high-quality stained and finished wood handle that allows for a comfortable grip to keep the chain sharp faster and safer to work.
  • These tools will never fail you, and you will get a job every time.

Specifications of Katzco

[table id=180 /]


  • Contain all tools that are essential to get the chainsaw back into optimal condition
  • It comes with different files
  • The wood handle allows for a comfortable grip
  • Convenient and affordable


  • Metal clips are so soft, flimsy, and cheap

3- Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw

Easy to use

Buffalo Tools ECSS

If you search for an affordable and practical electric sharpener, this brand can adequately serve your needs.

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If you search for an affordable and practical electric sharpener, this brand can adequately serve your needs. You can be sure of getting the value you’ve been searching for when you buy it. If you are worried about where you can mount it. So, don’t worry, that should not be your concern anymore. Mounting can quickly be done on stable walls, benches, or vises. You’re the one to select what is convenient for you.

You can use it conveniently to sharpen any chainsaw, which means buying it saves you from the worries regarding the type of chainsaw you’ve. Most electric chainsaw sharpener reviews provide you the tool on the nod. With the 4500 RPM, the power helps you to maintain the blades in perfect condition.

Moreover, this kit can be regularly and conveniently used at home. The comfort of the product is enhanced because it uses the normal main power within the home environment. The sharpener effectiveness is not questionable. That means you get prominent value.

Features of Buffalo

  • Keep the chain in the best condition and save your time and money by sharpening your saw
  • Mounts to bench, vise, or wall for easy access and stability
  • 4200 RPM grinding speed, 85-Watt, 60Hz, and 120-volt wall outlet

Specifications of Buffalo

[table id=181 /]


  • Mount to wall, vise, or bench
  • 4200 RPM Grinding speed
  • Easy to use and hold
  • There’s no wobble


  • It doesn’t sharpen all chains

4- Pferd 17301 Chainsaw Sharpener


Pferd 17301

It’s made of high-quality plastic material, so you can use it for a long time without the need to buy any other sharpener.

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it’s a powerful tool that should not miss among your accessories if you have a chainsaw and you need it for work at all times. So it is trusted by the users because of its effectiveness. The tool means tough sharpening. Even with that, you have a surety that the item will last for a long time. It will serve you regardless of how regularly you use it.

Moreover, Pferd is one of the best manual sharpeners, and it’s budget-friendly. This product’s fair price makes it the best that most people like instead of any other complex tool. Hence, it’s useful in performing its functions. There’s no need for the source of power to use it. Remember that manual sharpening is economical not just in terms of purchasing the equipment but also on the material. Additionally, it enhances the durability and use of a chainsaw.

It’s made of high-quality plastic material, so you can use it for a long time without the need to buy any other sharpener. You can use it effectively even if you’re inexperienced with these products. It’s easy to change the direction of the tooth. You do that by turning this device. It would help if you didn’t fear buying this unit because you’re a novice. However, you can conveniently use it for any chainsaw type you have. There’s also the option of choosing either the gauge or round file.

Features of Pferd

  • For manual sharpening of chainsaw allow for simple handling and flexible use
  • Sharper simultaneously sharpens the saw teeth and adjust the depth gauge of the saw chain
  • Unskilled users can obtain uniform and precise sharpening results with the compact sharpener simply turning the device over, you can share both sides of your teeth

Specifications of Pferd

[table id=182 /]


  • Cheaper as compared to other sharpers
  • Pferd 2 in 1 can accommodate non-branded files as well as branded stihl files
  • Files the depth gauges & teeth at the same time


  • There’s a need a vise to hold the chainsaw in place

5- Granberg Bar-Mount ChainSaw Sharpener


Granberg Bar-Mount

You can adjust the height, and length and enhance your level of precision when it comes to sharpening.

Buy on Amazon

This model has existed for the past 35 years. There has been an adjustment to design during this period. The effectiveness of the tool has remained magnificent. Most people prefer it to modern brands. This sharpener is made of steel plated with zinc and aluminum. The material makes it useful in sharpening chainsaws. You must be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money when you buy it.

Moreover, it’s a durable unit, so you can use it for years without the need to purchase any other and save your time and money. However, another feature of the unit is this sharpener comes with versatility. However, it sharpens any chainsaw size, which means there’s no need to buy another unit because you’ve more chain saws.

There’s no need to be experienced in using these products to receive great results from a particular one. If you set it, you’ll obtain the result you want. This is despite the fact it’s a manual sharpener. The results are best to increase the extent that you can get from an electric sharpener.

You can adjust the height, and length and enhance your level of precision when it comes to sharpening. That is a feature that you can find in a top-notch chainsaw blade sharpener.

Features of Granberg

  • Easily and quickly sharpen a chainsaw
  • Mounts to any saw with different file sizes
  • Made of high-quality zinc-plated steel and cast aluminum

Specifications of Granberg

[table id=183 /]


  • It can be used with any chain
  • Made of durable materials
  • Tried and tested method
  • Effective tool


  • It takes a lot of time to use

6- Stihl 2 IN 1 File Chainsaw Sharpener


Stihl 2 IN 1

if you don’t want to face all the complications of other power grinders and chainsaw sharpeners. So using the simple school file is the best option.

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if you don’t want to face all the complications of other power grinders and chainsaw sharpeners. So using the simple school file is the best option. These files weigh ounces and easily fit in a pocket. Moreover, with these same tricks and tips, they sharpen the chainsaw consistently as power grinders do. However, over time, it takes less time to sharpen the file.

You must sure that your chainsaw is excellent with this file. The chainsaw is available in different sizes; check your on-chainsaw bar. It takes a while at first. Using this chain doesn’t need any manual. You are sharpening the tooth placed on the green mark of the chain. Moreover, keep counting the strokes you need to get the best result. Use the same number of strokes to get an evenly sharp chain.

Features of Stihl

  • Easy and straightforward to use, it just takes few days to understand that how it works.
  • Compactness that can go with it to your work location
  • It’s the best tool for sharpening various chainsaws
  • The design of the product is great and sturdily constructed

Specifications of Stihl

[table id=184 /]


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Less expensive saw
  • Effective tool


  • It needs a vice to work perfectly

7- LEGENDARY-YES Electric Grinder Chainsaw Sharpener

Precise angle adjustment


It’s electric motor enables you to quickly and easily sharpen and grind chainsaw chains. It’s simpler than using a similarly priced manual chainsaw sharpener.

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If you are a saw user, some tools fit easily, so the sharpeners are the best product. It can also be the best option if you need an electric chainsaw sharpener without investing a lot of money. You can get an adjustable chain pitch, as it’s an electric sharpener. It allows you to use it with any chain of your choice without any problem.

But it’s an electric chainsaw sharpener, and you can get an adjustable chain pitch. It’s not enough, but it’s electric motor enables you to quickly and easily sharpen and grind chainsaw chains. It’s simpler than using a similarly priced manual chainsaw sharpener.

Moreover, despite this sharpener’s budget-friendly price tag, it comes with an included grinding wheels. It’s the best value-for-money option since you can’t buy a separate grinding wheel. There’s also a 4200 RPM motor with a lower power rating of 85 watts. Overall it’s the best tool.

Features of LEGENDARY

  • Electric chain saw sharpener mounts to be a wall, bench, or vise for convenient sharpening
  • Chain vise adjusts to all chain pitches and designs
  • there’s a precision angle adjustment to keep your chain in top condition,
  • This tool is best for mounts to the wall, bench, working table, and vise

Specifications of LEGENDARY

[table id=185 /]


  • For safety large side guard
  • Precise angle adjustment
  • Chain rotation rollers to advance links
  • Effective tool


  • Users report differently mounting

8- Oregon 30846 12-volt Chainsaw Sharpener


Oregon 30846

This 12-volt chainsaw sharpening product hooks up to any 12-volt battery, which offers decisive sharpening action for the chainsaw.

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if you’re out in the wood cutting down lumber for living, you need a reliable chainsaw with strap teeth. If you feel that your saw dull teeth, you will have a hassle with cutting anything. Keep your blades sharp is paramount for any contractor, landscaper, and lumberjack.

This 12-volt chainsaw sharpening product hooks up to any 12-volt battery, which offers decisive sharpening action for the chainsaw. The product is compatible with the leading chainsaw brands and best for sharpening any pitch.

You can get a lightweight, and portable chainsaw sharpening product quickly take to any job site. Now no need to deal with the dull blade again, and keep this sharpener in your toolbox or glove compartment of the truck for easy access. Moreover, you can get two sharpening stones, including a kit, quick adjustment guide for sharpening chainsaw teeth to perfection.

Features of Oregon

  • It gives an easy to use chain sharpening experience
  • 12-volt chain saw can keep your saw cutting like new
  • The sharpener can be used at any place, either in the shop or out in the woods.
  • The high-impact plastic housing is specially designed to stay cool while using
  • The sharpener comes with three sharpening stones

Specifications of Oregon

[table id=186 /]


  • Best for sharpening on site
  • A suitable choice for landscapers
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Three different sharpener stones
  • 12-volt design hooks up to battery


  • It doesn’t sharpen all the chain

9- Husqvarna 653000035 Chain Sharpener


Husqvarna 653000035

The model needs a professional operator ad isn’t the best choice for newbies learning in sharpen chains.

Buy on Amazon

The Husqvarna unit offers dual-action and gives us a depth gauge and cutting tool. The unit is the best choice if you are a professional looking for the best finish on your chainsaw. You can get a decisive sharpening action that is best for any size chainsaw from any brand.

Moreover, it features the best quality, with a durable design and service life. The portable, lightweight, and elegant design make it easy to carry around to the job site. The model needs a professional operator ad isn’t the best choice for newbies learning in sharpen chains.

Hence, professional users will find smooth tool operation with excellent results. The file gives your chainsaw a razor-sharp precision finish.

Features of Husqvarna

  • Provide accurate cuts and easy to use
  • The durable unit that provides lasts for long
  • Quickly gets the job done
  • Works for all brands of chainsaws

Specifications of Husqvarna

[table id=188 /]


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Precise sharpening


  • Hard to use
  • No right spacing to sharpen inside teeth

10- Oregon Mounted Saw Chain Grinder


Oregon Mounted Saw

The best aspect of this chain sharpener is that it meets specified standards which ensure that it fits and is safe to use.

Buy on Amazon

The Oregon chain sharpener is efficient benches and amount of sharpeners available in the market. It has all the needed qualities and features that are needed for heavy-duty chain sharpening. Hence, The device is durable and easy to use. Moreover, it arrives with drilling wheels o hone chain pitches up to 0.404 inches.

The best aspect of this chain sharpener is that it meets specified standards which ensure that it fits and is safe to use. It’s durable for use with effortless adjustment with its variable motor grind angle. The unit comes with the safety shield feature to make sharpening chores tension-free. You will have a clear view in cases of low light conditions. So, You can find all the features of the best electric chainsaw sharpener on this product.

You can create space for grinding depth gauges with an adjustable motorhead. The model is quite substantial, so well, with its aluminum chassis. You can get it regularly the uprising heat since Oregon cooling fins for ample air circulation.

Features of Oregon

  • Made of cast aluminum chassis
  • Unified light and Safety shield
  • Cooling fins and motor fans to regulate temperature
  • Ease of use for precise adjustments
  • For safety, one-way motor operation

Specifications of Oregon

[table id=189 /]


  • Built-in work light
  • Includes three grinding wheels
  • Self-centering chain vise
  • Versatile chainsaw


  • It can’t be carried to field sharpening
  • It comes with no spindle lock

Buying Guide for the Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

Whether you are using a chainsaw frequently, heavily, or occasionally, the chain gets dull and won’t effectively cut the wood. In this situation, you need the best tool that sharpens your chainsaw, as per their frequency of usage. But it must be durable, strong, easy to use, and sharpen the chain quickly.

Moreover, being a buyer, you must get an idea of which chainsaw you are using, the professional-grade, portable or small saw or chainsaw for the firewood, and the factors to consider when buying the chainsaw sharpener to grab its features so you can use the chainsaw sharpener easily without any problem. For your convenience, we are providing critical information in the buying guide. Please go through them to choose the best chain saw sharpener.


It would help if you considered the power option while buying an electric chainsaw sharpener. The more powerful sharpener, the better it will sharpen the tool. Moreover, Various models have different motor sizes, and they range between 75 to 300 watts. Select an electric sharpener with a powerful motor to generate the higher RPM, though a bit pricier. It will speed up the sharpener to quickly sharpen the chainsaw.

Chain Size/Chain Pitch

A chainsaw sharper is not able to sharpen various chain sizes and happens more in handheld file sharpeners. So, make sure to check that the sharpener you are choosing should sharpen the specific chain of your chainsaw. While in various units, the sharpener can adjust to handle different chain sizes.

However, few sharpeners may be restricted to a particular size, whereas a few other units can be used to different sizes. The standard sizes of pitch chains are ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, ½-inch, and 0/325-inch.

Build Quality & Construction Material

You must consider the sharpener’s construction and build quality. Generally, the chainsaw sharpener withstands tear and wear if used for a long time. Select a sharpener made with heavy-duty metal rather than cheap plastic to survive in abuse of a typical job.

A chainsaw sharpener is a single-time investment. It should be sturdy, durable, strong, build to last longer, and easy to use. You have to look for the sharpener’s built-in safety mechanism which comes with the warranty.

Frequency of Use

How frequently you’re using a chain saw will decide the right sharpener. If you are frequently using a chainsaw, then prefer an electric unit, which requires sharpening often. However, the handheld sharpeners are best for budget freak people who use chainsaws occasionally, as they rarely need to get sharpened. You should prefer to use mounted guides and let the sharpness last longer, but it needs some workshop to have the best sharpening.


Comfort and safety are before considering things while buying a chainsaw sharpener. The chains are sharp and may hurt even if they are dull. It’s essential to practice safety measures while sharpening the chainsaw.


Whenever you want to sharpen the chainsaw with a sharpener away from the workshop, portability problems may arise. Most people prefer to go with the manual units, which are smaller & lighter and work without electricity.

Nowadays, manufacturers design new electric units to run anywhere, such as cordless with 12-volt batteries. A few other units will let you replace the chain and bar to get fast sharpening. The electric sharpening will benefit in few cases, such as switching any proprietary system or needing vehicle access when you are working.


Regular chainsaw maintenance needs you to pay close attention to the sharpness of your chain for efficiency and safety. A sharp chain cuts smoothly and quickly keeps you from becoming quickly fatigued. All above sharpening tools highlight the various options you’ve based on your requirements, knowledge of the task, and personal performance. So, stop paying a dollar to have somebody else take care of your saw, and learn to effectively and efficiently keep your chain in the best shape with these above choices.

The chainsaw’s blade and chain can wear out over time, just like any other power tool. As a result, you may need to sharpen them repeatedly over time using a chain sharpener. We’ve mentioned some of the chain sharpener options, and you can also find all of their details along with the detailed buying guide.

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