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Best Professional Chainsaw in 2024

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An average chainsaw may be suitable for a weekend warrior looking to trim branches, but it’s not best to cut it for anyone working in forestry. If you are cutting down 60-foot trees daily, you need to invest your money in the best professional chainsaw that easily handles years of even the most demanding task. It’s essential to buy the professional chainsaw that is best according to your requirements. It needs the saw through tough timber with ease, lasts for years, and is comfortable to handle.

However, with the higher price tag than the residential units, buying one of these best professional hand-held tools is a significant investment. Figuring out which product to buy can be confusing with various options out there. You need to look at the various factors such as price, design, features, performance, and specifications. Never mind if all these seem overwhelming because you come to the right place.

Additionally, in this review article, our experts find the best professional chainsaws. So, here we will explain precisely what you want when you go out to buy one of these best powerful hand tools. With the time you finish reading, you will know which chainsaw you should buy to tackle your career’s heavy-duty requirements.

Moreover, we have walked you through the purchasing process and discussed which features make a chainsaw best for professional use. But with various options out there, narrowing your search down to the best model can be confusing. We took at the top professional-grade chainsaw on the market and put them to the test. We compared these saws according to their performance, features, durability, power, and price.

Our Top Pickup of Best Professional Chainsaw


Oregon (CS1500)

  • Features: 18-inch guide bar, Automatic oiler, Lightweight and compact
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Top Rated

EGO Power+ (CS1800)

  • Features: Elegant look, Auto tensioning system, and 56Volt cordless chainsaw
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GLOSSDAY Cordless Electric Portable Chainsaw

  • Features: Rechargeable electric chain saw, lightweight body, and High-efficiency cutting
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‎MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw

  • Features: Security button available, LED lights , and Include Batteries and charger
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AMERFIST (‎Sj-110)

  • Features: Ergonomic design, One-handed operation , and Comfortable grip and non-slip handle design
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TORRYZA (1007004)

  • Features: Pure copper motor, 5M chain speed , and Cordless bondage
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KIMO Electric Pole Saw

  • Features: Worry-free assemble, Triangle handle grip , and Tool-free chainsaw tensioning
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Seesii (SS4B)

  • Features: Wearable and sharp, Highly efficient cordless electric chainsaw, and High powerful electric battery chainsaw
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OICGOO Mini Chainsaw

  • Features: Infinitely variable speed, pruning more meticulously, fast and slow
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  • Features: Low power consumption, fast speed motor roars to life with the squeeze of the trigger
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1) Oregon Self-Sharpening Professional Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Editor Choice

Oregon (CS1500)

Amazing value for a simple powerful easy and quiet chainsaw. No muss no fuss, like the 3 gas-powered chainsaws still.

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If you’re finding for a high-quality, powered, low noise electric chainsaw that helps you to cut the branches for trimming limbs in your yard, so we highly recommend you the Oregon CS11500 Corded chainsaw. You can save your time and hassle since CS1500 starts instantly and never needs any gas-oil mixing.

Moreover, the tool-free tensioning allows you to tension the chain by simply tightening the ring on the side cover without any particular need. The world’s best manufacturers make this model with the 18-inch feature. This chainsaw allows you to sharpen the saw in just 3 seconds with the pull of a lever. However, the automatic oiler delivers oil on the chain and bar while saw, keeping the chainsaw lubricated and preventing premature wear. Additionally, the 15 amps deliver plenty of power behind every cut.

Features of Oregon

⭐ The model comes with the 18 guide bar and powers sharp chain

⭐ You can quickly get the work right away with the instant start capacity

⭐ The chainstay oiled using the built-in Lubri-tec oiling system, which increases saws run time and reduce chain friction

⭐ The model comes pre-assembled so, no tool is required to assemble

⭐ Chain brake for safety, low noise, and silence between cuts.

Specifications of Oregon

[table id=139 /]


  • 18-inch guide bar
  • Automatic oiler
  • 15 amp rating
  • Lightweight and compact
  • power sharp Sharpening system
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • Ergonomic design and low vibration


  • Motor died after few cuts

2) EGO Power+ CS1800 Professional Cordless Chainsaw

Top Rated

EGO Power+ (CS1800)

Best small chain saw with Lightweight, very easy to change chain, easy to adjust chain, oiling system works great, cuts like a pro saw, and the battery last awhile.

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If you have a yard and need a professional electric chainsaw to cut branches, the EGO power+18 inches is the best commercial chainsaw option. Everything in this saw screams power and innovation. The reimagined chain tensioning system will tighten the chain with the twist of the dial without any tool. Additionally, there’s no need to take anything apart to get the chainset properly.

However, the aggressive chain and 18 bar for taking down large branches, tall trees, and stumps. You can also split firewood with a chainsaw. Moreover, the LED lights illuminate your cut when you are cutting at dusk or in an emergency, and there’s no access to lights. The EGO Power+ chain saw delivers the performance of gas without the fuss, fumes, and noise.

Features of EGO Power+

⭐ The auto tensioning system of the model tightens the chain with the twist of the dial

⭐ 18″ chainsaw Oregon bar and chain enhance its working power

⭐ The brushless motor increases the life of your tool

⭐ LED lights to illuminate the work area

⭐ Battery-powered source type for perfect cutting

Best Electric Chainsaw

Specifications of EGO Power

[table id=140 /]


  • Elegant look
  • LED lights
  • Brushless motor
  • Auto tensioning system
  • Battery powered chain saw
  • 56Volt cordless chainsaw
  • Lightweight and compact model


  • Constantly coming off

3) GLOSSDAY Hand-held Powered Electric Chainsaw

Top Rated


This cordless chain saw adapt high-quality guide chain. In addition, a pure copper motor is used, which is very powerful. Cutting efficiency is higher and faster.

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This portable mini chainsaw is just about 2.2bl with a length of 13 inches. Anyone can easily control it, even the women, and work for more than one hour without getting tired. The cordless chain saw adopts a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process ensures smooth cutting.

Moreover, it takes only 6sec to cut a log with a diameter of 4 inches. This portable chainsaw comes with a rechargeable battery, lasting about 30 to 40 minutes. The motor is made of durable, pure copper and low powered consumption. The model is equipped with overload protection and stops working when it overheats. The wood tooth design keeps the chainsaw from getting stuck in branches. Moreover, it can control the cutting speed by adjusting the pressure of the start button.

Features of GLOSSDAY

⭐ The rechargeable electric chain saw is portable and lightweight, with a long battery time.

⭐ The model’s lightweight body can easily hold with one hand; the non-slip design makes it difficult to fall off.

⭐ Using this saw, there’s no damage to the lawns and trees

⭐ Best quality switch, slow and fast both adjustment, step-less speed change

⭐ The best circuit control board, overload protection

Professional Chainsaw

Specifications of GLOSSDAY

[table id=141 /]


  • Simple operation
  • High-efficiency cutting
  • Strong dynamic system
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Both fast and slow adjustment
  • Pure copper motor with black color
  • Protection and integrated guide place


  • Never have a battery

4) MKSENSE 4-Inch Electric Handheld Professional Chainsaw

Top Rated

MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw

Nice kit that comes with a carry case. Having two batteries helps as one can be charging while the other is in use. A nice safety feature is a lock button that must be pressed before pressing the trigger to power the saw. The saw also has a safety “anti-splash” or chain bezel/cover.

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The MIKSENSE electric hand-held chainsaw has launched a 2nd generation mini chain saw. It adds a safety cover flip to prevent the wood from splashing. Moreover, the open safety lock switch will provide safety with the help of a safety lock and trigger at the same time to start a chainsaw to prevent accidental start. Additionally, the saw’s microlight mode is added, which will play a role in lighting in dark woods.

The chainsaw is relatively easy to install. You need to use the wrench in the package to turn the screw to adjust the tightness and tighten the screw. The power chainsaw takes almost 10 seconds to cut any log with a diameter of 6inch value that varies with the actual size hand hardness of the wood. However, this chainsaw has a wide range of uses, can be sued for wood cutting, forest cutting, pruning branches, etc.

Features of MIKSENSE

⭐ The model prevents the sawdust from splashing and can be routed by 90 degree

⭐ Security button prevents the motor from accidents and protects the workers

⭐ High-quality batteries provide fast charging and long battery life

⭐ LED lights are best for night works

MKSENSE 4-Inch Electric Handheld Professional Chainsaw

Specifications of MIKSENSE

[table id=142 /]


  • LED lights
  • Security button
  • Portable model
  • Wide range of use
  • High-quality battery
  • Protection guide plate
  • Include Batteries and charger
  • Highly efficient cutting
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Not found yet

5) AMERFIST Cordless Electric Portable Professional Chainsaw

Top Rated

MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw

This mini chainsaw weighs only 1kg (including battery) and has a total length of 13 inches. Adults can easily control and use it.

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The mini chain saw weighs only 0.7 kg with a 33 cm length; due to its lightweight, anyone can easily hold it and use it. The saw can be installed in three simple steps, the amplitude of the switch can adjust the saw’s speed. Cordless saw you adapt a high-quality guide chain, which has undergone a deep quenching process to ensure smooth cutting. The saw’s design makes it stuck on the branch, cutting efficiently faster, and higher. Moreover, the integrated guide plate heats quickly and is resistant to falling abrasion. The grip of the model is very comfortable. It comes with two batteries, and charger, screwdriver.

Features of AMERFIST

⭐ Lightweight and compact unit, anyone can easily handle it

⭐ There’s no extra tool required to install the model

⭐ High-quality guide chain has undergone a dep quenching process to ensure smooth cutting

⭐ Comfortable grip and non-slip handle design

⭐ Two batteries, a charger, a wrench, and a screwdriver included

AMERFIST Cordless Electric Portable Professional Chainsaw

Specifications of AMERFIST

[table id=143 /]


  • Quality chain lock
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ergonomic design
  • One-handed operation
  • Powerful dynamic system


  • Low-quality plastic

6) TORRYZA Mini 26V Professional Electric Chainsaw

Top Rated


This mini chainsaw weighs only 1kg (including battery) and has a total length of 13 inches. Adults can easily control and use it.

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The TORRYZA is a great brand, that provides excellent and cost-effective garden tools so that anyone can garden equipment. The quality guide plate chain, is more wear-resistant, deep quenching, smooth cutting. The heat distribution excellently ensures the motor temperature. Hence, the design of step-less speed change makes speed change convenient.

The one-handed operation features will not be tiring to hold for a long time; anyone can easily use and control them. Additionally, a pure copper motor of the model will provide a powerful experience with faster and higher efficiency cutting. This electric chainsaw is suitable for wood cutting, gardening, and branch pruning.

Features of TORRYZA

⭐ High-quality guide chain has undergone a deep quenching process which ensures smooth cutting

⭐ The powerful, pure copper motor is used for cutting efficiency higher and faster

⭐ A lightweight model with only 0.7kb with the 33cm length

⭐ Take less time to cut wood almost within 10 seconds

TORRYZA Mini 26V Professional Electric Chainsaw

Specifications of TORRYZA

[table id=144 /]


  • High power engine
  • Heat dissipation
  • Cordless bondage
  • Pure copper motor
  • 550w battery power
  • 5M chain speed
  • Quality chain lock
  • Single-handed operation
  • Portable and lightweight unit


  • Complex to saw palm trees

7) KIMO 20V Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Top Rated

MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw

This mini chainsaw weighs only 1kg (including battery) and has a total length of 13 inches. Adults can easily control and use it.

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KIMO is an excellent chainsaw brand with various features and makes a standard in the saws market. The saw has the Oregon premium bar and chain with the high-density protective film formed on the bar surface after the hammered out various heating times. It’s the best tool for heavy-duty. Moreover, the ergonomic and comfortable handle design with the triangle handles to grip, easily balances cutting effortlessly, reduces the cutting vibration, and ensures you smoothest operation.

However, the widened baffle protection prevents the injury from a splash of sawdust and enhances your safety while cutting wood. The baffle work as a brake and stopping chain to kickback. Additionally, the oiler system will even be covered with the oil while chains turn more convenient and more work. You can also easily replace the chainsaw chain. The throttle lock-off button has to be activated before turning on the tool. Simply press the lock-off button and start the trigger for variable-speed cutting.

Features of KIMO

⭐ The chainsaw is equipped with a robust pure-cooper motor which will provide efficiency

⭐ The ergonomic and compact design of the model reduces fatigue and strain

⭐ Unit is upgraded with the 9-inch premium Oregon bar running at the speed of 15 ft.

⭐ The chain brake guard will stop the chain immediately on kickback and prevent cutting debris from splashing.

⭐ There’s no need to assemble the model. It comes fully assembled

7) KIMO 20V Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Specifications of KIMO

[table id=145 /]


  • Easy to operate
  • Worry-free assemble
  • Dual safety control
  • Triangle handle grip
  • More convenient choice
  • Tool-free chainsaw tensioning
  • Auto-oiler with transparent tank
  • Protective baffle and protective cover
  • Auto chain-brake and heat dissipation


  • Hard to find

8) Seesii Electric Pruning Portable Chainsaw

Top Rated

Seesii SS4B

This compact mini chainsaw would be a great choice for those who don’t have the storage space for a bulkier model, or don’t have the need for a more powerful saw.

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Seesii electric hand-held cordless pruning portable chainsaw easily fit all kinds of parks, gardens, highways, landscaping, cutting wood, tree, potted, and anywhere. The rechargeable chainsaw is equipped with two-pack batteries and a charger. Moreover, this chainsaw can be compatible with the Makita batteries. The highly efficient chainsaw comes with a pure copper motor, fast cutting, strong power, and improved efficiency. The intelligent circuit controls the board, meets your construction requirement, overload protection. Hence, You are equipped with quick safety, which makes your work safe.

Features of Seesii

⭐ The model easily fits all kinds of parks, gardens, large pastures, orchards, cutting wood, tree

⭐ A rechargeable electric chainsaw is equipped with chargers and 2pack lithium batteries

⭐ The highly efficient cordless electric chainsaw offers fast cutting, strong power, and improve efficiency

⭐ Some essential features of this model such as fast cutting, high efficiency, and high resistant chain

⭐ The ergonomic design saw with the lightweight and portable enhance its beauty and makes it ideal for everyone.

Seesii Electric Pruning Portable Chainsaw

Specifications of Seesii

[table id=146 /]


  • Ergonomic design
  • Wearable and sharp
  • Portable electric pruning saw
  • High powerful electric battery chainsaw
  • Highly efficient cordless electric chainsaw


  • Poor quality of tightening screw

9) OLCGOO Handheld Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Top Rated

OICGOO Mini Chainsaw

This mini chainsaw using weight just about 1.54lbs and a total length of only 30cm (12inch). Woman can easily control and use it, it’s not tiring for a long working time.

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This unit comes with high efficient cutting, which takes about 10 seconds to cut the log. The electric chainsaw is suitable for tree branches pruning, woodcutting, and gardening. This mini chainsaw uses a weight of 1.54lbs and a length of 30cm, so anyone can easily control it and use it whenever they want.

The installation process is relatively easy, simply installing chains into the guide plate, and installing them to chainsaw bodies. Don’t forget to install the side cover and tighten the nut. When you use the wrench to turn the screw to set the tightness. Moreover, this cordless saw adopts a high-quality guide that has undergone a profound process to ensure smooth cutting. Overall, it’s the best choice for anyone who needs to cut or trim the trees and branches regularly.

Features of OLCGOO

⭐ Easy to use, single-handed operation

⭐ Higher efficiency, unique wooden teeth design

⭐ Portable and high power motor large capacity battery

⭐ Infinitely variable speed, pruning more meticulously, fast and slow

⭐ Fast cutting and trimming tool improves work efficiency

OLCGOO Handheld Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Specifications of OLCGOO

[table id=147 /]


  • Easy to use
  • Higher efficiency
  • Highly efficient cutting
  • Pruning more meticulously
  • Two powerful rechargeable batteries
  • High-quality guide plate chain
  • Fast cutting and trimming speed
  • Portable and the high power motor


  • Cheap quality plastic

10) GOXAWEE 20V Electric Powered Chainsaw

Top Rated


GOXAWEE mini chainsaw is equipped with a pure copper motor and a 20V high-power battery. It only takes about 10 seconds to cut logs with a diameter of approx. 10-15 cm.

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GOXAWEE chainsaw is equipped with a pure copper motor and a 20V high-power battery. It takes about 10 seconds to cut logs. Get the battery-powered chainsaw, get efficiency out of your yard work. The rechargeable 4inch wood cutting chainsaw is with 0.75KG slim body, is comfortable to hold, small in size, and has more convenient access to all places. It is used with the hand and not easy to fatigue for long-term use.

The saw has a kickback bar and a high hardness quenched chain. Heat dissipation ensures motor efficiency. The high-quality tree saw is tough and wear-resistant, smooth, and sharp-cutting. It’s a portable saw that adds a bar nose sprocket to ensure a safer and stable chain operation. There’s no need for any tool to install the unit; the complete saw is pre-install.

Features of GOXAWEE

⭐ Low power consumption, fast speed motor roars to life with the squeeze of the trigger

⭐ Low kickback, smooth cutting, and longer bar life for the garden, farm ranch

⭐ It comes with a safety switch to protect against any accidental starts

⭐ Use for backing and improve safety and effectively protect the hand.

GOXAWEE 20V Electric Powered Chainsaw

Specifications of GOXAWEE

[table id=148 /]


  • Pure copper motor
  • Have fun logging wood
  • One-handed operation
  • Well-built quality chainsaw
  • Feel safe while using a saw
  • Efficient outdoor gardening tool
  • The chainsaw is provided safety


  • The screwdriver had a crack in it

Buying Guide of Best Professional Chainsaw

If you think of buying the best professional chainsaw, it’s good to consider some essential things. A chainsaw can be deadly if it’s not used correctly, whether it’s hand-held or heavy-duty. Getting the chainsaw is a significant investment that no one can take lightly. You should pick the right product that accomplishes demanding tasks with ease. With that in your mind, you know how to purchase a professional chainsaw.

However, here are some essential features that will help you understand what makes a chainsaw worth its cost.

Engine Size of Chainsaw

Engine size is one of the significant elements that will help a chainsaw to be considered a professional grade. Our experts drew the line at 46cc and suggested anything below that will noticeably underpowered in any situation. Few brands offer the best quality chainsaw with a smaller engine. If you are a residential owner finding a good chainsaw, those will be good choices compared to the cheap professional machine. A machine with 50cc is the best must-have because you just need to deal with anything the job throws at you.


A trigger lock, also called a throttle lock, is an essential safety feature that prevents you from starting and accelerating a chainsaw accidentally.

Anti-Kickback Chain

The anti-kickback chain has extra guard links and a decent profile when it comes to cutting or trimming. In other words, it will avoid biting the chainsaw can chew.

Anti-Vibration Handle

Mostly chainsaws powered by gas have handles that are made of metal springs and rubber. It will help you protect the hand from painful vibration and avoid tiring and numbing your hand, preventing accidents.

Decompression Valve and Primer Bulb

The primer bulb and decompression valve will help remove the air bubbles from the gas line while reducing the cylinder’s compression.

Heated Handles

If you live in a cold area or your work will continue well up to the winter season, it’s best to look for a chainsaw with heated handles. The handles can be affected by the ice and snow with enough heat, making them too slippery to use safely.

Automatic Chain Oiler

The automatic chain oiler is a time-saver and extraordinary maintenance, as you no longer have to stop in between the operations to oil the chain. When the cutting chains and bar are adequately oiled, problems such as wearing and overheating are less likely to occur.

Chainsaw case

The case is another safety feature required to store chainsaws safely. It must be added with the professional chainsaw you will be purchasing. You can buy a sheath for your chainsaw; it saves your money and time if the model comes with its case. The case will contain oil leaks while making it much easier to carry the chainsaw when not in use.

Warranty of Professional chainsaw

If the best professional chainsaw doesn’t have a warranty included, it’s time to look for another chainsaw. The tremendous commercial chainsaw costs hundreds of dollars, so the manufacturers must be ready to assure their clients of parts’ availability and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chainsaw is used for?

A chainsaw is a very versatile tool in that it can cut through a variety of materials. These include wood, metal (but takes longer), branches, and much more. Be aware however that the chainsaw is an atypical way of cutting things as it is dangerous for those prone to serious injury.

Is chainsaw a power tool?

Chainsaws are mechanical power tools. They are commonly found around the world – in homes, construction sites, car shops and machine shops - and they can also seem scary because of their ability to cut through trees, metal pipes and more. A chainsaw features a cylinder engine with either a battery pack or gasoline for power.

Is using a chainsaw is safe?

Chainsaws are dangerous machines that can cause fatal and major injuries if not used correctly. While anyone working in a field using chainsaws should have received adequate training and competence in using a chainsaw, many professionals nonetheless ignore the warnings – to their peril.

Can a chainsaw be used on ladder?

Operating a chainsaw from a ladder is never advised. In truth, you should never operate any kind of power tool while standing on a ladder, even if the tool doesn't have a chainsaw-like design. Your limbs and your eyes are at risk of crashing into the blades if you lose your balance. Also, using handheld circular saws (particularly those with dull or damaged blades) doesn’t work well when you’re on ladders because it can be difficult to keep a steady cutting line.

How accidents can happens while using chainsaw?

Chainsaws are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them yourself. There are specific directions one must follow in order to avoid any kind of terrible incident while using this machinery. One most common hazard is injuries caused by kickback, pushback, and pull-in. These things can be avoided if you learn the basics on how to operate the chainsaw safely.


Whether you are looking for durable home use saw or commercial use option, the examples given have got you covered; to check what is the best professional chainsaw according to your needs, you’d have to various models, but few of the best rated are listed above to get you started. If you need long-lasting power for years of use, Oregon CS 1500 Electric Chainsaw is a perfect model to consider.

The recognized name has built a reputation on a chainsaw that can be passed down from one generation to the next, and their chainsaw models are no exception. Comfort technologies and engines support your use in any situation; with an easily interchangeable bar, you can swap out your bar length to fit the job you have to hand; however, if you’ve any questions about the saws mentioned above or the best professional chainsaw choice you’d like to share.