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How to clean chainsaw

There are many maintenance tasks associated with chainsaws. A lot of times, you need to know how to clean a chainsaw properly so that it is not damaged beyond repair or there is no wearing out of its parts. You need to do this so that the saw can be used for a longer time and so that it is safer to operate.

A chainsaw is a machine that is used for cutting wood into smaller pieces. It works on the principle of rotation. The blade, which rotates at around 4200 rpm, cuts through the wood with ease and you are good to go. Chainsaws are meant to perform tasks in an efficient manner but when it is not taken care of, it may fail to satisfactorily perform the task at hand.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean chainsaws in detail. So, read on and find out!

Pre-Cleaning Tasks

Before you start cleaning the chainsaw, there are some preliminary tasks that you need to do. So, let’s get started!

Basic Safety Measures

Since you are going to use a chainsaw, it is an obvious assumption that you know the safety measures to be taken. But still, we will tell what they are because there can always be people who do not follow rules because they don’t know better or just to save time.

First and foremost, make sure that the chainsaw is turned off. Secondly, unplug it from the power source before you start cleaning it. Thirdly, remove the spark plug so that the chainsaw cannot be started unintentionally.

How to clean chainsaw

Now, let’s move on to the cleaning process!

Cleaning the Bar

The bar is the metal piece that holds the chain and it is important to clean it regularly. The build-up of sap and resin can make the bar very slippery and also affect the performance of the chainsaw.

To clean the bar, you will need a stiff brush, some solvent, and a cloth. First, remove all the debris from the bar with the brush. Then, apply the solvent with the cloth and scrub away all the dirt.

Make sure to get rid of all the sap and resin residues because they will damage the bar if not removed in time.

Cleaning the Chain

Most people think that cleaning a chainsaw means cleaning only the sprocket nose but it is not so! You need to clean the chain and the sprocket nose as well. The build-up of sap, resin, and dirt can make the chain very stiff and also affect its performance.

To clean the chain, you will need a chainsaw chain cleaner, a brush, solvent, and a cloth. First, put the chain cleaner on the chain and run it for a few seconds so that the dirt and sap particles get shifted to the cleaner. Then, apply some solvent to a cloth and clean all the dirt from each link of the chain.

Cleaning the Sprocket Nose

Now that we have dealt with cleaning the chain, let’s move on to cleaning the sprocket nose. This task is also very important because many people tend to overlook it and it causes performance issues when they don’t clean the sprocket nose.

To clean it, you will need a chainsaw chain cleaner, a stiff brush, solvent, and a cloth. Again, first, run the chain cleaner on the sprocket nose to shift all the dirt particles. Then, apply solvent with a brush and clean all the dirt.

Cleaning the Guide Bar of Chainsaw

After you have cleaned everything else, it is time to clean the guide bar of your chainsaw. You should take special care when cleaning this part because there are small and delicate parts in it.

To clean it, you will need a cloth, solvent, and a brush. Apply the solvent with the brush and then wipe away all the dirt with the cloth. Make sure that there is no residue of solvent left behind or it may damage the guide bar over time.

That’s it! You have learned how to clean chainsaws in detail. Cleaning your chainsaw is of utmost importance because it makes sure that the saw functions properly and you are safe when using it!

Extra Tip

If you want, you can also apply some oil on all of the components you have cleaned so that they function better. But remember not to put too much oil as it can also affect the performance of the chainsaw.

Tips and Instructions about cleaning Chainsaw

  • Always make sure that the chainsaw is turned off before cleaning it.
  • Unplug the chainsaw from the power source before starting to clean it.
  • Remove the spark plug to prevent accidental starts.
  • Use a stiff brush to remove debris from the bar.
  • Apply solvent with a cloth to scrub away dirt from the bar.
  • Be sure to remove sap and resin residues from the bar as they can damage it over time.


Q. How often should I clean my chainsaw?

A. You should clean your chainsaw regularly for the best performance. Cleaning it after every use is ideal but not always possible. At least, clean it once a month to keep it in good condition.

Q. What kind of solvent should I use to clean the chainsaw?

A. You should use a solvent that is made specifically for chainsaws for cleaning the chainsaw. The ordinary ones will damage your chainsaw over time. So, make sure to get the right solvent or you could end up causing extensive damage to your saw!

Q. What are some of the things I should not do while cleaning the chainsaw?

A. Do not use a sharp object to clean the chain as it can damage it. Do not apply too much oil while cleaning the chainsaw as it can also affect its performance. Take care when cleaning the guide bar as there are small and delicate parts in it.

Q. Can I use WD-40 to clean the chainsaw?

A. Do not use WD-40 or any other petroleum product while cleaning your chainsaw. This can damage the saw over time, so it is best to avoid this. Soaps and solvents are meant specifically for cleaning the chainsaw, so you should always use them for the best results.

Final words about how to clean chainsaw

Cleaning your chainsaw is an important task that should not be overlooked. It is essential to keep the saw in good condition so that it functions properly and you are safe while using it. Make sure to follow the instructions and tips mentioned in this article to clean your chainsaw in detail. Happy cleaning!

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